Safety Tips Entering Mechanical Parking Garage

Mar 5th, 2021

1. Check out the parking schedule and take your parking spaces by number!

The public mechanical garage has a table with parking specifications. Before and after entering the parking lot, you should carefully check the surrounding signs to see if the size of your vehicle can be accommodated.

2. Kick when the transfer equipment is stationary!

Check that the transfer equipment is working. It is strictly forbidden to drive a vehicle onto the equipment while the equipment is operating.

3. Standard vehicle positioning!

After inspection, the car should be parked in the indicated place (where the car sign is marked), the car should be accurately positioned. Check the handbrake, rearview mirror, etc., and leave the vehicle.

4. Careful operation!

The operator should not leave the box while the equipment is in operation, should closely monitor the operation of the equipment and immediately press the "emergency stop button" when any malfunction is detected.

Smart or semi-smart garages are widely used in China as a new direction for the development of parking lots of the future. Therefore, it is recommended that you enter a mechanical garage to observe and study “fixed point parking” frequently to ensure safe driving.


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