The first smart 3D parking equipment in Nantong passed the acceptance test.

The first smart 3D parking equipment in Nantong passed the acceptance test.

Aug 20th, 2021

On December 12, the first smart 3D parking garage in Nantong passed the acceptance test. After the automated parking system is put into operation, it will integrate with 5g technology and provide functions such as mobile phone reservation and car access, smart parking navigation and online payment through the smart mechanized parking app, which will effectively solve the problem of "difficult parking and travel" for the citizens of Nantong.

Located east of the Chongchuan District Customer Service Center, the Smart Mechanized Car Parking Garage is 3,323 square meters with 236 parking spaces, including 24 recharging spaces.

The “wisdom” of this smart 3D parking equipment is that cars can access the parking space with an intelligent programmed parking equipment system that is simpler and more convenient than traditional multi-parking flat parking, ”says Yu Feng, project manager for Nantong Smart Garage.

The process of parking and returning the car from the parking system: when the owner enters the car into the parking system, the parking system automatically opens the door for the vehicle to enter the lift system, and the parking system will conduct a series of safety tests in this area. After all tests pass normally, the owner can click on the "start parking" button on the nearest parking system screen and confirm the vehicle information, and then leave the garage. The lift system will move the vehicle to the specified floor to the corresponding parking space, and the vehicle information will be recorded automatically. This makes parking and picking up a car more convenient and quicker. The owner only has to "start the parking operation" button, enter the vehicle information on the car screen. The lift and travel system will automatically steer the vehicle towards the exit. The owner will wait for his car to appear at the exit and drive away.

The reporter learned from the municipal bureau of the city government that the parking complex had been invested and built by the state-owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd. Nantong Chongchuan, built by Nantong Chongchuan Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and implemented by CSCEC. in EPC mode.

The automated parking garage integrates the design concept of green building, harmony and environmental protection. Industrial and standardized design reduces noise and dust in the environment. It took only 150 days from the start of construction to the parking lot.

"This year, thanks to the three main measures" build, reform and planning "and the general interaction of the relevant departments, about 20,000 public parking spaces will be added." Three smart 3D parking complexes have been built in Pansiang, Hongxing and Rengang Streets, according to the person in charge of overseeing vehicle ordering at the municipal bureau of city government. Currently, 10 parking spaces have been completed and are open to the public.


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