Parking and traffic problems are becoming more and more serious. How to park more cars in a small space has become a common problem for people. The popularity of two-post parking lifts is growing all over the world.

two post parking lift

Two-post parking equipment is a type of parking equipment that uses a platform lift for parking. The equipment is suitable for installation in department stores, basements, residential areas, public parking lots, etc.

Mutrade product range has 2 models of 2-post parking lift with different specifications: 

mechanical parking equipment

hydraulic car lifttwo post parking lift


mechanical parking equipmenthydraulic car lift

Starke 1121&1127

The story of our customer project in France, which chose our HP1123 model to increase parking spaces.

Dependent parking system for 2 cars, consists of a balanced platform and two support legs with hydraulic cylinders. It is definitely an ideal solution that can be used both indoors, as our client from Funcia did, and outdoors and does not require additional building structures. With the help of 8 units of parking lifts HP1123, our client has increased the number of parking spaces to 16.

Anti-corrosion coating - multiple safety devices, galvanized surface of platform wave plates, compliance with European standards GB / T19001-2016 ISO 9001: 2015 - and this is just a small part of what client learned about our equipment by purchasing HP1123.

Our clients often ask us what is included in the delivery set?

  1. Car Lift : Supplied partially assembled (posts, cylinders, platform)

  2. Equipment protective covering: Powder coating (90-120μ) & Hot-dip galvanized 

  3. Platform base surface: Galvanized steel waving plates

  4. Hydraulic cylinder: Italian Aston seals inside      

  5. Hydraulic station: Electric motor 2,2 kW

  6. New generation hydraulic hose: high pressure resin tube with more than 5 times oil resistance (3mm tube pressure can reach 63MPa), higher bearing capacity, wear resistant.

  7. Control box: 1 PC. with access key, emergency STOP button.

two post parking liftmechanical parking equipment

8 units of HP1123: 1 independent unit A+7 dependent unit B with total 16 parking spaces

Parking lifts: how they work?

Car No. 1 enters the parking platform and is fixed with a special stopper, which allows correct positioning on the platform. The platform is lifted to the upper position by means of a hydraulic mechanism. Car No. 2 enters the formed empty bay under the platform.

hydraulic car lifttwo post parking liftmechanical parking equipmenthydraulic car lifttwo post parking liftmechanical parking equipment

To get the vehicles back, repeat the above process in reverse order.

Let's take a look at the main advantages of 2-post parking lifts

1. Mutrade two-post parking equipment has simple structure, convenient operation, and easy maintenance and repair.

hydraulic car lift

2. When several units are installed in a line, one post of the first unit can be shared to the next unit to save  save cost, installation space, installation time, labors & transportation cost, as well as make the structural intensity of all units higher.

two post parking lift

3. Side beams and other structural elements are cutted by laser.

mechanical parking equipment

4. The columns welded by robot welding.

hydraulic car lifttwo post parking lift

5. Wave plate with strong structure, anti water/rust/slip, drainage

mechanical parking equipment

5. Using Korean chains with better performance, in particular the overall corrosiveness of the chain.

hydraulic car lift

6. The number of safety devices protect both the car during parking and against mis-operation or any other accidents that may be caused by external factors.

two post parking lift mechanical parking equipment hydraulic car lift

7. To exclude rusting of surface hot dip galvanizing is used for surface treatment. To isolate metal from an aggressive environment and increase service life, Mutrade uses Powder coating that achieves a thicker and more consistent finish than you usually get with spray paint and protects the equipment from any external climatic factors.

two post parking lift

Color of the parking lift can be customized. You just need to turn to and choose the color you like and then tell us your preferred color code. Our surface treatment provides less environmental pollution during the process, but with better anti-corrosion properties.

mechanical parking equipment hydraulic car lift two post parking lift

Advantages noted by our client:

1. Saving space
2. Increase in the number of parking spaces by 2 times
3. Durability
4. Ease of maintenance
5. Ease of assembly (installation)
6. All components for lifts are made only by well-known European manufacturers
7. Wide range of options for more efficient and safe operation
8. The minimum hardware warranty is 12 months

mechanical parking equipment
“I am very happy with the material, it is of very good quality, I will take pictures when my floor is finished and I will do
 reviews on the internet.”

With many years of experience, we offer technologies and equipment that have been tested by time and adapted to the peculiarities of operation in various climatic zones.

Our company has extensive experience in the production of hydraulic lifting equipment, which allows us to implement projects of almost any complexity, including in the field of parking lifts.

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