May 16th, 2024

The urban environment cannot be imagined without cars and parking lots. The organization of parking lots on city streets, near shopping centers, hospitals, cinemas, 

sports arenas, and other public spaces requires a special approach. One of the most efficient solutions to the problem of lack of parking spaces is to go vertical. This is 

where Mutrade’s high-tech parking solutions come into play, meeting all the requirements of our time.

The Need for Vertical Solutions

Traditional parking lots consume a vast amount of horizontal space, which is often limited in bustling urban areas. The innovative approach of using vertical space effectively 

doubles the parking capacity without requiring additional land. This method not only maximizes space usage but also ensures that more vehicles can be 

accommodated in areas with limited ground space.

Efficient and Compact Parking Solutions

Mutrade 2 Post Car Stackers and 2 Post Hydraulic Car Parking Lifts are designed to transform cramped parking areas into efficient, compact, and safe parking solutions. 

By utilizing vertical space, these systems significantly increase the parking capacity, doubling the number of cars that can be parked in the same area where previously 

only half the number existed.

Key Features and Benefits

High Capacity: Depending on the scale of the project, these 2-level parking lots can accommodate from several hundred to several thousand cars. This makes them 

ideal for large-scale installations such as shopping centers, hospitals, and sports arenas.

Outdoor Installation: The outdoor 2 Post Hydraulic Car Parking System is available with hot-galvanized structures, providing excellent protection against water, rust, and 

slip. The wave plate design ensures strong structure, drainage, and slip resistance, while the Dupont powder coating offers superior rust protection.

Hydraulic Efficiency: The Hydraulic 2 Post Car Parking Lift System uses advanced hydraulic technology to ensure smooth and efficient operation. The system is designed 

to be user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance.

Space-Saving: The Hydraulic Space Saving Car Lift maximizes the use of available space, making it possible to park more cars in less space. This is particularly useful in urban areas where 

space is at a premium.

Safety and Reliability: Safety is a top priority with the Two Post Hydraulic Car Stacker Lift Parking system. The design includes multiple safety features to ensure the protection of both vehicles 

and users.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

Each parking project is unique, and Mutrade tailors its solutions to meet specific requirements. Before proposing a solution and offering the best price, we need some 

basic information:

  1. Number of Cars: How many cars do you need to park?

  2. Site Layout Plan: Could you please provide a site layout plan so we can design accordingly?

By understanding your specific needs, we can develop a customized parking solution that maximizes efficiency and meets your space constraints.


The use of multi-level parking lots is a win-win solution for addressing the parking needs of modern urban environments. With Mutrade's high-tech parking lifts, outdoor 

parking lots can be transformed into efficient, compact, and safe spaces, significantly increasing parking capacity and providing a new lease on life for crowded urban areas. 

Embrace the future of parking with Mutrade and solve your outdoor parking problems effectively.

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