Qingdao Hydro Park Machinery Co., Ltd.



HYDRO PARK MACHINERY is a subsidiary company and production center built by Mutrade Industrial to supply stable and reliable mechanical parking equipment. Advanced technologies, higher quality materials, and more strict quality control are adopted to keep all products updated for the most stable operation and best user experience.

  • 40+

    Professional qualifications and certificates

  • 100+

    Exporting countries

  • 1300+

    Satisfied customers worldwide up to date

  • 2000+

    Max production capability in parking spaces

  • 9000+

    Parking spaces installed annually

  • Comfortable environment with Mutrade

    Comfortable environment with Mutrade

    There have never been as many cars in the world as there are today. Two or even three cars often “live” in one family, and the issue of parking is one of the most acute and urgent in modern realities. Each of us is periodically faced with a situation when you need to find a parking place near your home, work place, shopping center, cultural site, etc. But more often than not you have to spend a lot of time to find a suitable one.

    For more than 12 years, Mutrade introduces variety of parking solutions into projects in more than 90 countries around the world, and Mutrade makes it possible to manage urban traffic more efficiently and make easy life for citizens by providing easy parking.

  • The solution that works only for you

    The solution that works only for you

    Mutrade guarantees a professional approach to the implementation of your parking automation project, all parking solutions are selected by professionals in the shortest possible time, combining concepts and requirements of our customers. Our strategy is to achieve the concrete benefits of our customers while minimizing or preventing negative environmental impacts as much as possible throughout the life cycle of our products.

  • Not only a parking space, but also confidence in its safety

    Not only a parking space, but also confidence in its safety

    Thanks to comprehensive knowledge, many years of experience, and the full resources, Mutrade’ customers receive the high-quality and the most efficient parking solutions that meet the diversified demands of modern life. Through a rigorous design and manufacture process, all our products are distinguished by their reliability, safety, flexibility and ergonomics. And each project is carried out in accordance with the highest requirements of our time - fast, competent and professional.

  • Green, in step with the times

    Green, in step with the times

    Thoughtfully designed to minimize human intervention, reduce parking time and improve parking safety, Mutrade parking systems have become a kind of breakthrough and made it possible to increase the level of comfort.

    Green parking, separate serious challenge to the growth of smart parking in mega cities today is more than a necessary urban infrastructure element. Smart parking systems reduce traffic congestion, lower vehicle emissions & fuel consumption, and shorten travel time and waiting time, which all lead to contribution to a more sustainable society.