Hydro-Park 4127


- Triple-wide system for 6 cars

- Easier & safer access of ground vehicles

- 2700kg capacity per platform

- Standard lifting height: 2100mm

- Full-width platform of 2200mm

- Rugged posts & beams construction with H steel

- Hydraulic cylinder lifting mechanism per platform

- Compact structure with smaller cover area

- Fast lifting speed of 8m/min

- Intelligent PLC software control

- Easy operation with IC card or manual input

- Customizable power pack location

- Motorized system is optional (capacity 2000kg)

- Fine surface coating supported by Akzo Nobel powders

- Dimensions and specs customizable on request

Standard drawing

*The dimensions are only for standard type, for custom requirements please contact our sales to check out.


- In garages for private houses or apartment buildings

- To offer more parking spots in office buildings or residential and commercial buildings

- For underground car parking lots of office buildings or commercial buildings

- For car dealerships, car rental companies, logistics companies or massive storage at port terminals

- Vintage car collections or car clubs

- To increase capacity in underground parking lot, e.g., of hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, etc.


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