Qingdao Hydro Park Machinery Co., Ltd.


  • 6th Apr 2022

    #22002_Notification of Change

    Technical modification of operation procedure of two-post parking lifts Since the establishment of Mutrade, we have taken safety and stability as the priority in all activities of development and manufacturing. And we keep updating our designs in time to make sure all products performing and functioning following that path. Today, two post parking lifts, as one of the most popular lifts that integrate both simplicity and safety, are still continuously infused with the latest technologies and committed to provide more safety and protection to your vehicles and properties.

  • 21st Dec 2021

    Superior surface protection against high corrosivity

    At winter times, salts or chemical snow/ice melts play great role in some areas such as Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and North America, etc. The chemicals keep roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways safe all winter long. However, when tracked inside from foot or vehicle traffic, they can wreak havoc on the pavement, surrounding landscape, etc. Waving platform sheets of mechanical parking systems are one of the victims too. The salt/chemicals could cause quick damage to the zinc layer, bring rust, and decrease the service life greatly.

  • 24th Jun 2021

    Warranty Policy 2021

    Upon the arrival of either shipment or parcel by the original Purchaser, all new products are covered with 5 years structural warranty and 1 year parts warranty.

  • 22nd Aug 2016

    Hydro-Park 1127 5400kg/11900lbs Loading Test

    Hydro-Park 1127 is one of the best choices for doubling your parking capacity. It has been tested to meet the requirements of New York city of 2-times loading test for 2-high car stackers. 3000kg/6600lbs loading in the front and 24000kg/5300lbs loading in the back. NO ANY DEFORMATION AT ALL!

  • 2nd Aug 2016

    Hydro-Park 1127&1123 advanced designs

    Hydro-Park 1127 & 1123 are 2 popular products across years. Around 4000 units are delivered to the global markets annually, offering more than 8000 parking spaces to local communities, car dealerships, or commercial parking lots. Some advanced designs are the key factors that make it overwhelming and attractive.

  • 2nd Aug 2016

    Hydro-Park 1127&1123 safety features

    Safety is always the priority in using parking lifts or any kinds of parking systems. Advanced technologies, better materials, precise manufacturing process and strict quality control are keeping all Mutrade products standing for stable performance and better user experience.