Hydro-Park 3130


- Superstructure designed for 3 heavy SUV

- Lifting capacity: 3000kg per platform

- Allowed car height: up to 2000mm

- Wide drive-through: 2072mm

- Max platform height after overlap: 86mm

- Premium hydraulic cylinder working with heavy duty steel ropes

- Sharing post feature allows tandem installation in minimum space

- Two-position anti-falling locks

- Manual unlock system

- Centralized commercial power pack is optional

- Low maintenance

- Fine surface coating supported by Akzo Nobel powders

- Proven quality tested by TUV Germany; CE compliant

Standard drawing

*The dimensions are only for standard type, for custom requirements please contact our sales to check out.


- To offer more parking spots in office buildings or residential and commercial buildings

- Significant increase in the number of parking spaces offered compared to ordinary garages

- For car dealerships, car rental companies, logistics companies or massive storage at port terminals

- Vintage car collections or car clubs

- For vehicle displays


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