Hydro-Park 2336


- More reliable with 4 posts

- For dependent parking

- Platform load capacity: 3600kg

- Ground car height: <2050mm

- Usable platform width: 2100mm

- Hidden single hydraulic cylinder.

- Complete platform with cover plates at center

- Protective wing plates at sides

- Multi-position safety locks on each post

- Automatic lock release

- Protective device against loosening and breaking of steel rope

- Control panel & power pack can be relocated

- Low wear, proven hydraulic technology

- Fine surface coating supported by Akzo Nobel powders

Standard drawing

*The dimensions are only for standard type, for custom requirements please contact our sales to check out.


- In garages for private houses or apartment buildings

- Can be optionally used outdoor

- For car dealerships, car rental companies, logistics companies or massive storage at port terminals

- Vintage car collections or car clubs


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