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Service & Support

Comprehensive Service & Support

By supplying suitable solutions, reliable products and professional services, we are supporting customers in over 90 countries, servicing for local government offices, automobiles dealerships, developers, hospitals, and private residentials, etc. Being the famous manufacturer of mechanical car parking equipment in China, Mutrade is committed to continuously supply innovative and excellent products to become the leader in mechanical car parking solution providers.


By choosing Mutrade parking systems, you get a free project-based solution tailored to your needs.


Every product is made with advanced technologies, highest quality materials and stricter quality control.


Mutrade offers a variety of flexible, efficient and responsive support programs for options, e.g., remote instructions, on-site supervision services, or other plans with local partners.


All new products are covered with 5 years structural warranty and 1 year parts warranty. And we are always available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!