HSP Series


- Shelf system with automated stacker

- Up to 6 parking levels, ideally 50-80 vehicles per system

- Fit for both sedans and SUVs

- Lifting capacity: 2350kg

- Vehicle size: Length 5300mm, Height up to 2050mm

- Multiple project-based arrangements are possible

- Comb pallet design greatly shortens exchanging time

- Super-high speed lifting system, up to 50m/min

- Pit version is also available

- Turntable is optional on ground floor

- Premium safety ensured by multi safety devices

- Smart operation via ID card

Standard drawing

*The dimensions are only for standard type, for custom requirements please contact our sales to check out.


- In residential and commercial buildings in mega cities

- Office buildings and hotels, for example

- Significant increase in the number of parking spaces offered compared to ordinary garages

- For underground car parking lots of office buildings or commercial buildings


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