Parking platforms

Parking platforms

What else you can imagine to complete the puzzle of parking difficulties? Parking platforms become handy in cases when parking is hard to reach. For example, when going vertical is not an option while maximized parking spaces is of necessity, and when entry & exit is hard to accomplish due to insufficient turning radius. In some other scenarios when conventional ramps are not favored due to the concerns of cost, safety and space, parking platforms act as the perfect alternative solution to connect different parking floors.

  • BDP-1

    Sliding parking platform

    A smart slider, max 2500kg, multiple variants

    A sliding platform that utilizes every possible space of a parking lot to provide maximum parking spots. By shifting laterally with rails, the platforms help to create additional parking spaces in front of existing spaces, behind columns or in corners. They can be easily controlled by buttons or PLC system optional to create path for the space in behind. And multiple rows can be installed front and back to greatly increase the utilization of spaces.

  • CTT

    Car turntable

    Aesthetic and comfort, custom-made, 360 degrees

    Turn to aesthetic and convenience with Mutrade car turntable. The CTT can be multi-functional, designed either to give more freedom to parking when driving forward is hard to reach, or show you the best angle that makes your vehicle sparkling. Dimensions and loading capacity can be tailor made to meet the demand best and accommodate various vehicles. It’s an ideal solution where turning radius is tight, so the driver can enter or exit without difficult maneuvers and time consuming. It can also be ideal for car exhibition and photography. Remote control is optional to give more convenience and efficiency.

  • FP-VRC

    Four-post car elevator

    Car elevator in four posts, custom-made, multiple stops possible

    Need the most cost-effective solution to move vehicles from one floor to another? FP-VRC is one of such solutions to connect different floors, particularly when heavy construction is to be avoided. It’s unique structure of four posts makes it self-supporting and totally feasible to stand directly on ground; or making a small pit of 200mm depth to have easier and comfort access at the entry level. It’s highly customizable in dimensions, capacity and travel to accommodate various vehicles and different project demands. 

  • S-VRC

    Scissor type car elevator

    Car elevator on scissors, custom-made, pit installed

    Obviously a costive concrete ramp with large footprint doesn’t meet the modern demands gradually. And a scissor type car elevator could be one of the perfect alternatives featured by small covering area, higher safety, low maintenance, and flexible arrangements. In parking lots and car dealerships where it is impossible to organize an entrance ramp, or when the ramp could lead to risks in the event of snows or bad weather, S-VRC is a lifesaver in solving various tasks of inter-floor movements with loads up to 10 tons. It also comes in handy in warehouse complexes or production facilities for goods loading and unloading.

  • S-VRC-2

    Double-deck scissor car lift

    In harmony with the surrounding, custom-made, pit required

    The rapid growth in the number of cars causes shortage of parking spaces, making traffic difficult and worsening the quality of living environment. S-VRC-2 is one of the systems that could perfectly solve the issue. It’s dual functional, acting as a parking lift to stack 1 vehicle on top of another; or an elevator to transport vehicles between ground and basement parking floor. Either way, when it folds down, the top platform goes totally invisible and can be covered with suitable pavement to give a sense of order and elegance.