May 31st, 2024


Versatile Applications of Mutrade Parking Equipment

Mutrade’s parking equipment offers numerous versatile applications. One such example is the long-term storage or preservation of sports cars. In one of 

our recent projects, an Australian client needed to increase the capacity of their space where racing cars are stored, often referred to as "where horsepower sleeps."

Enhancing Storage Capacity with HP525 Triple Stacker

For this particular project, the economical three-level stacker HP525 was selected. By utilizing 18 units of these triple stackers, the client was able to create 

54 storage spaces for their racing cars. Hydro-Park 2525 is a newly developed 3-floor version of the HP2236 and serves as an economical alternative 

to the HP3130. The design of HP2525 is based on the HP2236, making it ideal for valet parking or storage. The platforms move only vertically, driven 

by a hidden strong hydraulic cylinder with wire ropes.


Introduction to HP525

Introducing an eco-friendly solution for increasing parking spaces with minimal construction and maintenance costs: a 3-level parking lift. This cost-effective system caters to various indoor and outdoor demands. Its shortened post height ensures flexibility in low-ceiling spaces. Each lift can accommodate up to 2 SUVs and 1 sedan in the space of a single parking spot. The upper platform of both models supports up to 2000kg, while the lower platform can handle vehicles weighing up to 2500kg. This innovative design maximizes space efficiency and meets diverse parking needs economically.

Our  Vertical Car Parking Storage solutions cater to various requirements, whether for residential, commercial, or specialized applications like storing racing cars.

Features of HP525 Triple Stacker Parking Lift

Commercial Grade

  • HP525 is built to commercial-grade standards, ensuring durability and reliability for long-term use.

Overlap Platform Design

  • The overlap platform design maximizes space efficiency, allowing for more vehicles to be stored in a limited area.


Weight Capacity

  • Ground Floor: Unlimited

  • 2nd Floor: 2500kg

  • 3rd Floor: 2000kg

Entrance and Driven Width

  • Entrance Width: 2492mm

  • 2nd Floor Driven Width: 2100mm

  • 3rd Floor Driven Width: 2200mm

Clear Height

  • Each floor has a clear height of 2100mm, providing ample space for various vehicle types.

Traveling Speed

  • The equipment features a traveling speed of 4000mm/min (no-load), ensuring quick and efficient vehicle storage.

Hydraulic Pump

  • The 3.0kw hydraulic pump is powerful and reliable, driving the system efficiently.

Safety Features

  • Dynamic Anti-fall Lock: Ensures the safety of parked vehicles.

  • Dust/Oil Dripping Cover: Keeps vehicles clean and free from contaminants.

  • Lock Release Failure Detection: Alerts users to any lock release issues.

  • Semi-auto Lock Release: Simplifies the process of securing the vehicles.

Emergency Features

  • Emergency Stop Button: Allows for quick halting of operations in case of an emergency.

  • Up & Down Key Switch: Provides easy control of the lift system.

Structural Features

  • Self-standing & Supporting Structure (Optional): Offers flexibility in installation.

  • TUV Rheinland Certified: Ensures compliance with international safety and quality standards.

Why Choose Mutrade?

Mutrade's solutions, including our Quad Stacker Car Parking Lift,  are designed to meet the highest standards. They offer reliability, efficiency, and safety, making 

them ideal for diverse parking and storage needs.

For those seeking to elevate their parking capabilities, our Mechanical Parking Equipment ensures that every inch of your space is utilized optimally. Four Post 

Parking System offer robust solutions for multiple car storage needs, while our Vertical Parking solutions provide a seamless way to manage vertical car storage.

Mutrade’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures that we remain leaders in the field of parking solutions. Explore the potential of our Vertical Car Parking 

systems and see how we can help you multiply your parking spaces efficiently.

In conclusion, the versatility and efficiency of Mutrade’s parking equipment, as demonstrated by the successful implementation of the HP525 for our Australian 

client, highlight the potential for innovative parking solutions to enhance space utilization in various contexts. Whether for residential, commercial, or specialized 

needs, Mutrade is committed to providing top-tier parking systems that meet and exceed client expectations.

Contact us today learn more about how our solutions can benefit your operations and provide you with the Car Storage Lift you need to keep your vehicles safe and organized.

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