In 2021, A Series Of Projects To Equip Three Dimensional Parking Will Be Lanched In The Haidian Distraict Of Beijing

Apr 16th, 2021

In recent years, many places in Beijing have been trying to build smart parking near public  entertainment and municipal facilities in order to solve the parking problem. Today, the Haidian County Commissioner for Urban Governance said that a series of mechanical or simple three dimensional smart parking equipment projects will be launched in Haidian County this year. At the same time, he also reacted to the noise, shading problems caused by the construction of the 3D garage.

The important tasks of parking management in the Haidian area are:

- the use of potential parking resources,

- an increase in the supply of parking spaces

- elimination of contradictions between supply and demand for parking.

In 2020, more than 5,400 parking spaces will potentially be built in the Haidian District. Regarding the 3D transformation of the aircraft parking space, Haidian District has completed a number of projects such as a self-propelled 3D parking garage near Tianzhaojiayuan Community, mechanical 3D parking equipment at the Haidian Cultural Educational Industrial Park at Area 44 of the Northern Third Ring Road, and mechanical equipment for a three-dimensional parking lot at the No. 16 Shipbuilding Research Institute on Cuiwei Road.

This year, Haidian County will also launch a series of 3D smart mechanical parking equipment projects, such as the Xueyuan Road Oil Complex, the 15th Institute of Electric Power Academy of China, the 25th Huayuan North Street Hospital, Huyuan Road, and Aerospace Center Hospital on Yongding Road. On Malianwa Street, Zhongfa Baiwang Shopping Center, Beitaipingzhuang Street Jimen Community, Chenyue Garden on Shuguang Street and other projects, it is planned to use flat parking lot for self use of land and install mechanical or simple automated 3D parking equipment.

"Among these three-dimensional parking projects, most of them are set on the ground, independent of the adjacent buildings, for independent use in a residential complex, and only a few are set up in a residential area." According to the relevant person in charge of the Haidian District Municipal Management Committee, some of them are related to the construction conditions of the residential area, some have completed the site selection and the development of the scheme, and some residents do not understand or even strongly object at the consultation or construction stage.

Regarding the public concern about whether there will be noise and whether there will be blockage of light after the construction of three dimensional parking lots, the person in charge said frankly, "It is not correct to say that there will be no impact or change, but parking equipment of overall dimensions will be put in place. the parking arrangements and living conditions of the community will be significantly improved and the overall environment will be significantly improved. "

In addition, in response to public concerns about compensation, the person in charge stated that the work was carried out during the design phase of the project. "In fact, most residents support an increase in the number of parking spaces, but they do not want to put them in front of their own doors. When personal interests conflict with the interests of society, we sincerely hope to receive understanding and support from residents. "


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