Car Stacher Parking Lift: A New Solution To The Problem Of Car Storage

Car Stacher Parking Lift: A New Solution To The Problem Of Car Storage

Aug 25th, 2021

Car stacker parking lift: a new solution to the problem of car storage 

The transition to the creation of mechanized parking lots is a stable global trend. The number of vacant land plots in cities is decreasing, and there are more and more cars. The megalopolises authorities  propose to build mainly mechanized multilevel parking lots, since their appearance will not spoil the appearance of the city, and such parking is assembled in a short time.

Multilevel parking is the most effective way to accommodate a large number of vehicles in a small area. Depending on the scale of the project, such parking lots can accommodate from several hundred to several thousand cars.

One of these simplest solutions is parking stackers. Stacking type parking equipment resembles shelves in a supermarket store, and cars are goods that are located in cells using a lift.

Stacker- rack parking is arranged on the principle of a mechanized multi-level garage, consisting of a rack with cells for cars storing. This type of parking is convenient and compact.

If you place cars in single-level underground parking lots, that is, design an entire land area for parking, then the use of the city area is not rational. When using multi-level parking lots, the efficiency of using urban space increases dramatically, in proportion to the number of levels in such a parking lot. Mutrade client from Thailand was convinced of this by his own experience, having installed 14 units of parking stackers HP3130, having 42 parking spaces instead of 14 places for carsstoring.

Car parking stackers are the most optimal for long-term storage of vehicles, for example, in airports, train stations, auto centers. They do not require threefold consumption of space for each vehicle due to the mathematically optimal layout of vehicles. Imagine how much space would be required for cars in a photo below? 


And with the help of parking lifts, they are very compactly stored.



Economical car shelf 

4 Post Car Parking Lifts allow you to increase the parking space by placing one vehicle on top of another. In dependent vertical storage lift system,  to lower the upper car down, you must remove the lower cars first. Stacker type mechanical parking equipment is controlled by the user- driver. No construction work is required to install such hydraulic parking lifts. A distinctive feature of the HP3130 / 3230 system by Mutrade is that 3-4 cars can be parked at the parking place of one car.

The frame of stacker for parking is mounted on four supporting posts placed around the perimeter. The use of such parking systems is a good solution for long-term storage of vehicles. Ideal for storing vehicles in car dealerships.

Features of triple & quadruple stacker for parking 

•  Saving of parking area up to 400% in comparison with traditional parking lots.

• Profitability - due to the possibility of placing more parking spaces on the same parking area, in comparison with traditional parking.

•  Lift heights and platform dimensions allow to park  various vehicles.

• System modularity with the ability to add segments (dependent units) as needed without restriction, group parking lifts in a row, mount against a wall or back-to-back saves installation time, the space occupied by the system and costs for shipping and equipment cost.  

•  The posts location allows you to freely open the car doors.

• Uses proprietary technology to ensure optimal synchronization, providing a high level of safety and ease of operation.

• Quite low requirements for the concrete base of the parking equipment.

• Vehicle storage system platforms surface adopts powder coating, which provides long lasting surficial protection of vehicle parking lift. For regions with high humidity levels, additional corrosion protection measures may be applied.

Application area 

A quick solution for increasing the number of parking spaces at car dealerships, car services, car rental organizations, hotels with a customer car park service, as well as at private and apartment buildings, for owners of tree or more cars.

Operation and security 

Triple and Quadruple Car Stacker is characterized by maximum safety and simplicity. The control panel consists of a return switch with an individual key, an emergency stop button, buttons for lifting and lowering the platform - it is located in a case protected from atmospheric precipitation and is mounted on a car stacker post. It is installed outside the vehicle movement area - in a place convenient for visual control of the lift operation.

Car lifts are equipped with mechanical safety locks for fixing the platform in the positions and protect the vehicle parking lift from falling. There is a synchronization device to ensure the uniformity of the carriages in case of uneven distribution of the load. Special guides are used to position the vehicle on the platform. 

We are glad to offer our clients:

1. Consultations on the economic efficiency and feasibility of using a stacker-rack parking.

2. Professionally designed individual parking project. Our design department will cooperate with the architect of the facility, offering the most advantageous parking solutions for the location of the parking equipment.

3. Manufacturing of equipment that will be used to equip the projected parking lot.

Car conservation: Car storage for a long time 

By the way, if you decide to leave your car for a long time, for example, if you are going on vacation, on a business trip, etc., Mutrade gives some advice to keep your car as new, or at least keep its condition.

 1. Do not forget to treat tires and all rubber parts with a special substance (you can buy it at any auto shop), otherwise the rubber begins to deteriorate, rot, and at low temperatures it generally cracks.

 2. Also, before storing, it is recommended to completely wash and dry your car. To do this, you can contact a professional car wash.

 3.  As a rule, most car enthusiasts still store their car in open areas. Mutrade recommends at the first opportunity to buy or rent a garage, a place in a garage with a good ventilation system for his iron horse.


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