How To Park A Car In Rotary Parking System?

Mar 22nd, 2021

Rotary parking systems began to conquer cities, but those who first encounter such a system do not quite understand how to interact with it?

In this article, we'll show you the steps you need to take to park your car and enjoy advanced parking technology:

1.  Before starting parking in the rotary parking, the driver must stop in front of the parking system. 

2. Passengers must leave the car in advance, all your belongings must also be get out from the car in advance.

3.  The driver needs to go to the parking system control panel and make sure that there are no people, animals or objects in the parking system area.

4.  On the keypad, input the space number of desired platform, then press RUN to start or swipe a specific card to get a certain platform down to the entrance level. Each card matches a specific platform. 

5. The rotary parking system will start moving. The parking pallets will rotate until the parking pallet with the required number is at the lowest point. Then, the parking system will stop.

6.   The driver can start driving onto the parking platform. Entry speed - 2 km/m.

7.  The driver should enter the platform in such a way that the wheels of the car are in special Recesses in the parking platform designed to center the car on the platform. At the same time, the driver should look in the mirror opposite the exit on the opposite side of the parking system. The reflection in the mirror will show the accuracy and correct positioning of the car on the parking platform.

8.  When the wheels touch the special wheel stop, the car must be stopped. This means that the car, if it is an acceptable size for parking in the parking system, is pre-installed correctly.

9.  After placing the vehicle on the parking platform of the parking system and there are no signals from the safety system, the driver can leave the vehicle.

10.  Removing the vehicle from the system takes place in the same order, except for positioning the vehicle on the parking platform!


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