Hydraulic Space Saving Car Lifts That Expand The Possibilities: Compact Mechanical Parking Lift

Aug 5th, 2021

In a little more than a century since cars became mainstream, parking has gone from being a topic of no concern to being a problem. At first, no one thought about it, then it became a question for discussion, and later ... most of the parking lots became paid. It is now getting to the point that owning a parking space is perceived to be more of a success than owning a personal car. In different countries, the stages of this process took place at different times, but in general, the path is the same - an increase in the number of parking spaces, which cost money. And only in the 21st century, in the era of technology and efficiency, ideas appeared that could, if not reverse this trend, then at least slow it down. In this article, Mutrade will talk about one of the many modern ways to increase parking space at the lowest cost, designed to solve the problem of parking space scarcity.

The inception of the parking problem

Classic parking, as we all imagine it, in the 20th century, fundamentally first changed the people’s life as an automobile power itself, and then all other growing world economies. Ground parking has created a problem of disrupted infrastructure. Its essence is that the urban landscape with residential buildings, pharmacies, clinics, hairdressers, restaurants and other attributes of civilized life has gradually turned into an ocean of cars parked everywhere and interchanges connecting parking lots, where the very objects huddle like islands-enclaves: just remember modern shopping centers before and during the New Year holidays. As a result, even skeptics of motoring, in the name of survival, have to acquire a car in order to move from "island to island". This circumstance finally pushed the parking lots between city buildings and made the described urban landscape fragmented and heavily spread over the area. The result of the process was life in a semi-besieged position - around the centers of activity, surrounded by transport infrastructure.

Optimization and parking problem solution

Our life is accelerating, time is the most valuable and irreplaceable resource. Today it is much more profitable and more efficient to supply equipment that will increase the number of parking spaces than to circle around the yard for 30 minutes every day in search of parking.

The first and main trend today is to increase the efficiency of the parking space: how to make more cars fit on the available area?

What did the world mind come up with to optimize car storage? There are a lot of solutions - from relatively simple and affordable to the most advanced parking solutions. Although the design of any parking equipment has one goal - to allocate parking space as efficiently as possible. That is why compact mechanized parking lots appear in parking lots with high ceilings, which lift the car up to the "second floor" of the parking space.

Such parking storages for cars can be incorporated into the project both at the design stage and built into existing structures.

Hydraulic Space Saving Car Lifts that expand the possibilities: Compact mechanized parking

2 Post Car Stacker is a reliable modern solution for vertical movement of cars. Compact mechanized parking, which is, in fact, an ordinary lift. As a result, two parking spaces are placed on an area designed for parking one car.

The compact parking lift is a hydraulic 2-level lift with a horizontal platform. The use of a lift allows you to increase the parking capacity by placing one car on top of another.

When using a hydraulic parking system of this type (in this case a 2 Post Hydraulic Car Parking Lift), the area of the required parking space is significantly reduced. As a result, not one, but two cars can be parked on the conditional 10 square meters.

The Hydro-Park series of two-post Car Stacker сan be designed by Mutrade according to the needs of the project and offer top quality, high safety level and great ease of use.

HP1123 & 1127 & 1132 are ideal for organizing and saving space in car dealerships and services, underground garages, parking lots and parking lots.

In different Mutrade customer projects, various city facilities are equipped with modern Two Post Parking Systems, including all multi-storey parking lots. 

Hydraulic 2 Post Car Parking Lift solution is technologically advanced and convenient to use. The standard parking lift HP1127 is equipped with a control panel, a ramp for easy parking on the platform, light and sound indicators, etc.

Application of car lifts:

• Car dealerships for storage;

• Government parking

• Parking of public institutions

• Garage in a private houses

• Underground parking for apartment buildings and residential complexes

Advantages of Hydraulic Car Parking Lift System

Mutrade, as a leading manufacturer of mechanized car parking equipment fin China, presents models of produced car parking lifts under the two brands Hydro-Park and Starke. These parking lifts are a reliable and safe parking systems, extremely convenient and easy to use.


There are a lot of advantages of parking lifts. Let's take a look at the main ones, however.

1. All parking lifts are equipped with a simple control system. As a rule, the operation is quite easy and intuitive, even for people who have not encountered parking equipment before. The parking lift platform is driven by turning the key on the control panel located in front of the car lift.

2.  Every car owner worries about the safety and security of his steel companion. Therefore, engineers and designers secured parking lifts as much as possible, providing them with multiple safety systems, reliable hydro and chain drive; 

3.  In the event of a power outage, the parking lift can be operated manually.

4.  It is also very useful to be able to adjust the lifting height of the parking lift platform. When installed indoors, this system allows you to raise the car to the optimal height so that there are no emergencies if the ceiling of the building is low enough.

5.  Strength. The parking lifts are made of heavy-duty steel with just the right thickness to accommodate the weight of the heaviest vehicles *. 

6.  Anti-corrosiveness. The use of a galvanized coating significantly extends the service life of the structure, it becomes resistant to mechanical damage, to the aggressive effects of a chemical environment. This makes it possible to install lifts both indoor and outdoor.

7.  Spaciousness. The dimensions of the parking lift allow you to place the largest machines. ** The distance between the support posts and the height are sufficient for this.

8.  Maintenance. Parking lift is unpretentious during operation, easy to maintain.

9. Another important plus is the simplicity and relative availability of the design. Compact parking does not require special construction preparation, it is easily installed in standard openings between the columns. Possibility of installing a group of parking lifts in a module with a split central post to reduce the space required.

10. In addition, the design of the compact parking lot is mobile and allows you to quickly move it to a new location.


* Maximum lifting capacity of two-post  car parking lifts of the Hydro-Prak series is 3200kg per parking space. If your project requires a larger capacity, please contact Mutrade to discuss the details.

**All parking lifts  designed by Mutrade can be customized according to project requirements. Please contact Mutrade to discuss the specific project details.

Summing up, we add that ...

... more and more people are getting second and third cars. This makes residential garage lifts extremely valuable for increasing the number of vehicles they can fit in their garage. There are many different reasons why customers use these types of elevators.

So what makes a car lift great? Those who collide with cars on a daily basis can see the benefits of car parking lifts every day.

If you've ever wanted to free up more space in your own garage, car dealership, business center, and more, then it's time to start using today's innovative technologies that have become advanced enough to allow you more space, and you can have more than one vehicle located on top of each other when placed in the stall.


But do not forget about the possibility of systematization. Since these are dependent parking systems, it is worth considering the need for a car to leave the platforms that are on the lower levels in order for the car to be able to leave the upper one. Therefore, cars with the longest parking period must be placed on the upper platforms. But the lower levels of the parking lifts, on the contrary, should be left for short-term parked cars, so that the owners of the upper ones do not have to wait long and get nervous because of the impossibility of leaving.


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