Laolaoao automated parking lot in Shangrao City will be commissioned soon

Laolaoao automated parking lot in Shangrao City will be commissioned soon

Aug 4th, 2021

Laolaoao Parking in Shangrao City is the first fully automatic parking in our city. It is located south of Fenghuang Avenue and east of Qingfeng Road. Construction began in July 2020 with a total investment of about 40 million and a total area of 3,776 square meters. Currently, the main body of the building is mostly completed using the design concept of forest trees and a silver gray aluminum glass partition, which is very scientific and technological.

The main structure of the car park has a total of 8 floors, which adopt single-entry and single-exit mode, entering from Qingfeng Road and exiting Fenghuang Avenue. There are four entrances in total. The computerized control system can automatically park after parking at the entrance to the parking system.

When you enter the territory of the intelligent parking lot, you will see that it is a parking equipment made of a steel frame structure and uses a carriageway paving technology. The transporter robot can directly transport the vehicle, move the vehicle to each designated location through the lift, and then move the vehicle horizontally to the designated parking space.

The smart parking lot now has 272 mechanical parking spaces. The most advanced intelligent parking equipment and PLC control system can provide auto parking and auto lift. Thanks to the 3D parking technology, fast driving can be realized. The vehicle enters and exits the mechanized parking system in 90 seconds.

The automated smart garage project is expected to be completed in August and operational in October, greatly alleviating the parking problems of the surrounding people and creating an intelligent, efficient and green business card for Shangrao.


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