New progress in the construction of parking information in Kunming

May 21st, 2021

Yesterday, reporters from the Kunming Traffic Bureau learned that the information construction of the Kunming car park has made new progress at present. As of May 12, 820 public parking spaces have been completed in terms of public parking, with an access ratio to the parking network of about 49.72%, 403,715 access spaces and 68.84% of the total access to the parking network.

According to the introduction, the specific content of the informatization of the construction of a parking lot for motor vehicles is the completion of a public parking lot and a road temporary parking space. Conversion of informatization, filed in the main development of the city by May 31, and the connection of parking information. data to the Kunming intelligent parking information platform. At the same time, in accordance with the principle of “one approval, one numbering and standardized management”, the local government (Steering Committee) will take the lead in preparing a road parking clearing scheme and standardizing road parking according to the road network. and dynamic and static movement in this area, and submit it to the traffic police department of the municipal public security bureau and the municipal transport authority for joint consideration and establish it after joint demonstration and approval.

At present, the Bureau of Urban Transport, as a leading unit, fully cooperates with the relevant municipal departments, county (city) and district authorities, as well as parking operators to accelerate the process of informatization of parking lots. As of May 12, in terms of temporary parking spaces on the roads, 56,859 parking spaces have been cleared and standardized on 299 roads (road sections), of which 16,074 parking spaces have been cleared and 9,943 parking spaces have been created.

At the same time, the parking lot information building will clear road parking spaces that have not been submitted for approval and have not been approved. After clearing, those that meet the customization conditions will still be saved, and those that do not meet the customization conditions will be prohibited by law, and uniform numbering and management will be implemented. Currently, the original road temporary parking spaces with uniform markings and numbers are being cleaned and reconstructed. Following standardized management, pricing boards will be installed in the berth sections, each berth will have a unique identification number, and toll collectors will wear uniform clothing. In order to effectively meet the demand for rigid parking, after cleaning and standardization, the territory government (Management Committee) will, in conjunction with the real situation and without compromising safe passage, use the free space for the construction of temporary parking in order to maximize the public's need for parking.

In addition, after the completion of the informatization construction of the parking lot, parking operators must strictly implement a clearly marked price system and issue a single invoice under the supervision of the tax service for the parking lot.


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