Puzzle Parking: What It Is That “Nobody Knows”

Puzzle Parking: What It Is That “Nobody Knows”

Nov 26th, 2020

The BDP series is one of our most popular parking system solutions, widely applied at commercial areas such as office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, airports, etc. Unique hydraulic drive PUZZLE parking system developed by Mutrade makes it possible to lift platforms by 2 or 3 times faster to extremely shorten the queueing time of both parking and retrieval.



Safety is one of the key factors to ensure a good parking experience.

More than 20 safety devices are deployed in mechanical, electrical and hydraulic ways to protect the property of users and drivers.

One major is anti-falling device, which is also the most frequent concerns of global customers. In Mutrade puzzle parking system, it is achieved by a door-shaped frame, made of 40x40mm rectangular steel tubes, protecting the entire platform from head to tail, acting as a strong hood to the car beneath.

Since its purely a mechanical structure, its malfunction rate is 0, and NO maintenance service ever required.  

Despite to the fact that  BDP structure is compact, the max capacity of each platform is 3000kg, while allowed car weight is max 2500kg.

You can completely entrust your cars and properties to our system!

In addition to safety, experience of using this type of parking and driving experience is of great importance. There are sensors at the front and back of the system to avoid over-length vehicles and also prevent improper parking. An adjustable car stopper is installed to solve this problem.


There are 3 stop positions for bolting down that allows you to independently adjust the stopping place for a suitable length of the parked car. The distance between each position is 130 mm, which is enough to service 99% of vehicles. Customers can choose the best position depending to their vehicle length and wheelbase. Moreover, the rod has been designed in the shape of the round tube instead of rectangular to protect your tires to the max extent.

It is these small design details that make our product perfect and widely accepted. And this is the whole purpose of the Mutrade engineering department!


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