Smart Life In Smart Cities With Smart Parking

Sep 4th, 2020



“Smart city” is an interconnected system of unique progressive technologies, which simplifies the management of urban internal processes and improves the population's standard of living.

The interests of citizens - their comfort, mobility and safety are at the heart of the concept of “Smart City”. An important point in the plans for the development of smart cities is the creation of effective management of urban parking space.

«Smart parking» is a specialized unified parking space management system created using modern technologies for quick and convenient search for parking spaces, ensuring security and automating the process of car parking. By reducing parking time, this comprehensive, intelligent parking system also helps reduce emissions from cars.

The main directions of the development of “smart parking” are “smart” parking sensors and “smart” automated parking systems.

The first stage is responsible for the accurate detection and location of available parking spaces and the provision of data on the availability of parking space on specially designated parking places for families, women, people with disabilities, on the cost of parking etc.

Another important stage towards the creation “smart parking” which minimizing the actions of drivers, is the introduction of fully automated parking systems. In these systems, the driver drives on a special platform and leaves the car. Then the platform transfers the car to the pre-determined place, reserved or free parking space, and informs the driver about number of parking space. To get a vehicle, the driver needs to login and enter this number on a special display, after that the system will lower the platform with the vehicle to the entry level.


– is the same resource of municipal services, such as electrical and thermal network

The city where innovative car parking technologies are reasonably being introduced today is achieving its most important goal: reduces "parasite" traffic that is the time spent by the driver driving a car moving at a minimum speed in search of parking space. 

Due to the time spent searching for parking, business meetings are frustrated, the attendance of tourist and cultural sites, restaurants and cafes is reduced: by one or two sites daily. Megalopolises suffer from congestion in transport networks, which creates a lot of inconvenience to residents and tourists and causes damage to the economy. 

It is especially difficult for municipalities of old towns with high-density development of the historical center, where it is impossible to allocate new areas for parking lots. Obvious that it is impossible to rebuild the city, so it's necessary to look for ways to make rational use the available resources. 

The only effective way to solve the problem is to increase the number of parking lots by optimizing the use of existing parking lots. The transition to resource management based on modern technology should make the use of each parking space as productive as possible. 

In order to solve the difficult problem of lack of parking spaces, Mutrade has developed and is introducing automated puzzle-type parking systems that involves a radical evolutionary transformation of the modern parking. 

The effect of automation of the urban transport system

Puzzle parking systems provided by Mutrade significantly save the area intended for car parking and make car storage convenient and safe.


The efficient use of scarce parking spaces


Reducing the number of road traffic offences and parking offences


Increasing the overall level security and mobility level of urban dwellers


Increasing the transport infrastructure capacity 


Minimizing negative environmental impact

Transport and environmental collapse due to the lack of parking in the city

No city can become a sustainable or smart city if it does not have smart and efficient parking. 

About 20% of urban traffic accounts for drivers who are looking for parking spaces. If people cannot find free parking space or have to spend too much time or money for a parking space, they probably will not return to make another purchase, visit the restaurant or spend the money any other way. In addition, people should have enough car parking places close to home and workplace. But the impact on the economy of the lack of parking spaces is not the only acute problem of the inhabitants of modern cities ... 

Ecology - separate serious challenge to the growth of smart cities. Smart parking systems reduce traffic congestion and emissions of vehicles, reduce fuel consumption by optimizing the route, reduce travel time and waiting time, which leads to a reduction in pollution, respectively. Smart parking today is more than a necessary urban infrastructure element. Intelligent, compact puzzle-type parking not only allows people to quickly and easily park their vehicle without fear of safety, but also positively affects the environment. 

By introducing Mutrade parking equipment, it is possible to better and more efficiently plan city traffic, which allows the city administration to more effectively manage its parking assets. However, it is not only about finding free parking spaces ... 

Smart parking will help accelerate the implementation of “smart” cities.


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