Technical Inspection Of Two-Level Parking System Bdp-2

Technical Inspection Of Two-Level Parking System Bdp-2

Jul 8th, 2021

Technical inspection of Two-level parking system BDP-2 

Automated parking is used in various projects of Mutrade clients. They are used for different purposes and have different configurations - different number of parking spaces in the system, different number of levels, different carrying capacity of the parking system, various safety and automation devices, different types of security doors, different installation conditions. For the projects that have special requirements and critical conditions, to make sure that all system are precisely manufactured to the order, our parking systems undergo not only periodic technical inspection within the time limits established by law, but also undergo tests at the factory before delivery, or even before bulk production. 

To test the equipment modified according to the client's requirements, a two-level automatic parking of the slot type was installed and put into operation on the territory of the Mutrade factory.

The technical inspection procedure is the same for all types of parking lifts and automated systems. The equipment is inspected and the operation of all its mechanisms, as well as electrical circuits, is checked.

 Full maintenance takes place in several stages and consists of:

- Inspection of the device.

- Checking the performance of all systems and safety devices.

- Static testing of mechanisms for the strength of the structure and equipment.

- Dynamic control of the lifting and emergency stopping systems.

Visual inspection includes an inspection for the appearance of deformations or cracks since the last check:

- metal structures:

- bolts, welding and other fasteners;

- lifting surfaces and barriers;

- axles and supports.

During a technical inspection, multiple devices will be checked as well:

- Correct functioning of mechanisms and hydraulic jacks (if any).

- Electrical grounding.

- Precision positioning of a stopped platform with and without full work load.

- Compliance with drawings and data sheet information.

Parking system static check

Before the inspection, the load limiter is turned off, and the brakes of all units of the device are adjusted the tests are carried out so that the forces in all structural elements are maximized.

Static testing begins only after placing the equipment on a horizontal surface in the position of its minimum design stability. If, within 10 minutes, the raised load did not lower, and no obvious deformation was found in its structure, the mechanism passed the test.

What kind of load is used for dynamic tests of a Puzzle parking system

Testing, which helps to identify "weak points" in the operation of the moving parts of the hoist, consists of several (at least three) cycles of lifting and lowering the load, as well as checking the operation of all other mechanisms and is done in accordance with the operating manual of the hoist.

 For the full verification procedure to be effective, it is important to select the correct weight of the cargo:

 Static research is carried out using auxiliary elements, the mass of which is 20% higher than the manufacturer's declared carrying capacity of the device

So how did the tests go?


The test of the parking system BDP-2, which offers 3 parking spaces, was successful.

 Everything is lubricated, the synchronization cables are adjusted, the anchors are applied, the cable is laid, the oil is filled and many other small things.

 He lifted the jeep and once again became convinced of the solidity of his own design. The platforms did not deviate a millimeter from the declared position. BDP-2 lifted and moved the jeep like a feather, as if it weren't there at all.

 With ergonomics, the system also has everything as it should be - the position of the hydraulic station is ideal. Controlling the system is easy and there are three options to choose from - card, code and manual control.

Well, in the end, we must add that the impressions of the entire Mutrade team are positive.


Mutrade reminds you!

According to the rules for the installation and commissioning of parking systems, the owner of a stereo garage is obliged to test the lifting parking equipment before its first start-up.

The frequency of the following procedures depends on the model and configurations, for more information contact your Mutrade manager.



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