How Mutrade Transformed a Collector's Dream in Australia

How Mutrade Transformed a Collector's Dream in Australia

Mar 19th, 2024

In the bustling automotive landscape of Malaysia, the need for efficient car storage solutions is paramount, especially for dealerships like BYD. This article unveils the innovative project featuring 164 units of Hydro-Park 2525, a state-of-the-art 3-floor car-stacker system developed by MUTRADE. This hydraulic parking lift is tailored for BYD's dealership, offering a cutting-edge solution to streamline car storage and valet parking operations.

Project Overview

Hydro-Park 2525, a 3-floor version inspired by the successful HP2236, serves as a versatile solution for valet parking and storage. The design is an eco-friendly adaptation of the HP3130, showcasing MUTRADE's commitment to providing commercial-grade, efficient, and reliable car storage systems.






LOAD CAPACITY: GF UNLIMITED, 2nd F 2500kg 3rd F 2000kg


Project Challenges

Implementing a project of this scale posed several challenges, including optimizing space, ensuring operational safety, and meeting the unique requirements of BYD's dealership in Malaysia.


Hydro-Park 2525 emerged as the ideal solution, addressing these challenges with its vertical stacking design, customizable capacities on each floor, and a comprehensive safety system. The self-standing structure option further allowed for adaptability in the limited space available.

Key Features

  • Vertical Movement: The platforms of Hydro-Park 2525 move exclusively vertically, propelled by a robust hydraulic cylinder with wire ropes. This design ensures smooth and precise positioning of vehicles on each floor.

  • Capacity and Design: With an overlap platform design, Hydro-Park 2525 boasts a ground floor with unlimited capacity, a second floor with a 2500kg capacity, and a third floor with a 2000kg capacity. The ramps' total height is 150mm, providing a seamless transition between levels.

  • Safety Measures: The system prioritizes safety with a clear height of 2100mm on each floor, a dynamic anti-fall lock, lock release failure detection, semi-auto lock release, and an emergency stop button. TUV Rheinland certification underscores the equipment's commitment to meeting stringent safety standards.

  • Optional Self-standing Structure: Hydro-Park 2525 offers the flexibility of a self-standing and supporting structure, providing additional customization options to meet specific project requirements.

HOW Hydro-Park 2525 Works

The operation of Hydro-Park 2525 is a testament to its engineering prowess. Vehicles are parked on each level, and the platforms move vertically, allowing for efficient utilization of space. The hydraulic cylinder, hidden from view, ensures reliable and smooth movement. Safety features such as the anti-fall lock and emergency stop button guarantee secure operations, making Hydro-Park 2525 a reliable choice for BYD's dealership in Malaysia.

ConclusionHydro-Park 2525's integration at BYD's dealership in Malaysia represents a significant leap in the realm of car storage solutions. MUTRADE's commitment to innovation, safety, and efficiency shines through in this project, showcasing how the Hydro-Park 2525 triple stacker elevates the standards for car storage systems in the automotive industry.


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