France, Marseille: Solution For Moving Cars At The Porsche Dealership

May 25th, 2022

Take full advantage of modern technology of our 4-post car lifts in order to increase productivity of your business

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In order to preserve the usable area of the store and its modern look, the owner of the Porsche car dealership from Marseilles turened to us. FP- VRC was the best solution for quickly moving cars to different levels. Now on the lowered platform with the level of the floor is being demonstrated car.

Project information

Location: France, Marseilles

Model: Car Lift FP-VRCLifting height: 4700mm

Platform space: 6000mm*3000mm

Capacity: 2.5T

The lift is totally customized according to customer’s request. It is not only can be a car lift, but also can be a goods lift.

FP-VRC is Four post vertical reciprocating conveyor

FP-VRC is used to move car from one floor to another floor. It is highly customized according to customer’s different requirements from lifting height, lifting capacity to platform size. High capacity is available for this model.


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