What Functions Should Large Public Parking System Have?

Mar 20th, 2021

Some parking lots like railway stations, schools, exhibition halls, airports and other large-scale public parking lots are more used to provide parking services for temporary users. They are characterized by temporary storage of the car, one-time use of the parking area, short parking time, frequent access, and so on. Therefore, these car parks must be designed in accordance with these characteristics, and the design must be simple, practical and meet income requirements. A large public car parking lot should have the following functions of managing, parking fees, and reduce parking operating costs:

1.To meet the fast traffic of fixed parking users, the parking lot should be equipped with a long-distance vehicle identification system, so that fixed users can have direct access to the parking lot without interacting with payment devices, cards, etc., to speed up the parking traffic speed and reduce congestion on the lane and at the exit from the parking lot during the peak period.

2.There are many temporary users in a large public parking lot. If the card is used to enter the territory, it can only be collected from the ticket office with cards. Management staff often need to open the cashier and fill out the card, which is very inconvenient. Consequently, a large parking system must have large-capacity ticket booths to meet the needs of a large number of temporary users.

3.Parking equipment should be simple and easy to use, have voice announcement functions and LED display, and control the movement of vehicles entering and leaving the territory to avoid blocking the entrance and exit caused by: users who do not know how to use the equipment ...

4.Thanks to the parking navigation system, users can quickly find their parking spot. Whether installing a simple location navigation system or installing an advanced video guidance system, vehicle control is a must in a large parking lot.

5.Pay attention to the security of the parking lot, equipped with image comparison and other functions, monitor the in and out vehicles and store data, so as to be well documented to deal with abnormal events.


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