Largest Underground Smart Garage Commissioned In Southwest China

Apr 9th, 2021

The reporter learned from the 11th Bureau of China Railway that on March 29, the subsidiary hospital of traditional Chinese medicine of Southwest Medical University of Luzhou, built by the sixth company of the 11th Bureau of China Railway, completed trial operation and officially entered the stage of full operation.

Affiliated Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Southwestern Medical University is a large specialized hospital in Luzhou city with an average daily outpatient volume of nearly 10,000 and an average daily flow of over 3,000 vehicles. Conventional parking is nowhere near meeting the hospital's huge demand, and congestion in and around the hospital is noticeable due to a lack of parking spaces.

The intelligent stereogarage project was developed jointly by the 11th Bureau of Railways of China and the Luzhou Health Commission in PPP mode. It is an underground intelligent 3D garage with the most parking spaces and one area in Southwest China. The garage is located in Longmatang District of Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, and has a total built-up area of about 28,192 square meters. It has three entrances and exits, 16 exits and a total of 900 parking spaces, including 84 intelligent mechanical parking spaces and 56 regular parking spaces. Compared to a traditional garage, a smart stereo garage has many advantages in terms of space utilization, floor space, construction cycle, parking efficiency, and smartization.

The biggest highlight in the garage is the introduction of 24 Italian 9th generation CCR "car moving robots". It is a kind of smart carrying cart with walk and carry functions. When the driver approaches the entrance and exit of the garage, he can leave the car for storage or leave the garage automatically using a manipulation robot, simply by pressing a button (save or pick up) on the garage entrance terminal. The whole process of parking or picking up a car takes about 180 seconds. This significantly saves parking time, effectively solves the problem of parking most patients and traffic jams.

The garage uses infrared scanning that automatically detects the length of the vehicle. The system will select a suitable parking space according to the length and height of the vehicle.


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