Smart Car Park Configuration

Smart Car Park Configuration

Apr 8th, 2021

The intelligent parking system has many configurations, depending on the number of functions and various can be simply divided into simple type, standard type and advanced type, let's get to know in detail.

1、Simple type
Simple configuration suitable for parking with little or budget requirements. It is mainly equipped with parking control device, gate control system, vehicle detector, etc. Some are also equipped with import and export voice prompts and parking display screens. These are basic configurations such as some automatic card issuers, image contrast features, and intercom equipment. Thus, a simple parking system can only record the arrival and departure times of vehicles and charge records. There are some drawbacks to the management of temporary vehicles, and manual card issuance and collection is required, leaving managers the option to issue private vehicles and charge indiscriminately. At the same time, there is no picture contrast function, and the safety of vehicles cannot be guaranteed properly.

2、Standard type
The standard parking system has many functions based on a simple type, such as the remaining parking space display screen, voice prompts, card dispenser, smart gate, etc. The biggest difference between the two is that the camera is equipped with a contrast function image, which can capture and save images of vehicles in and out of the vehicle. This can not only ensure the safety of vehicles, but also track emergencies after an accident. At the same time, by recording images of vehicles, the release of the human vehicle can be avoided. It can be said that the standard function of the parking system can also be used. This type of parking system is relatively ideal.

The enhanced model has more configurations than the standard type in order to meet some special requirements or to improve parking. According to specific needs, intercom, parking lot navigation system, reverse lookup system, document capture, traffic light control, long distance card reading can be added, which is suitable for some high-end residential areas and shopping malls.
Of course, the configuration of the parking system is varied. Here we just divide it into three types. The specific configuration depends on your requirements. Here it just plays a leading role.



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