An Effective Solution For Organizing 2-Storey Parking With Scissor Lift

Apr 2nd, 2021

An effective solution for organizing two-storey parking and increasing parking spaces.


Car lifts are a modern solution for creating comfortable storage of cars, allowing economical use of parking space based on hydraulic lifting equipment.


The use of car lifts will significantly simplify the organization of parking and storage of vehicles both for private houses and for large parking complexes and parking lots.


As a rule, in the limited spaces of land households, it is very important to functionally arrange the adjacent infrastructure, including the creation of several packing places on the site.


Vertical Reciprocating Scissor Conveyor S-VRC with simple design and easy and fast installation is a very successful solution for parking, which is specially designed to move cars or goods from one floor to other floors and used in a variety of applications for automobile 4S stores, car showrooms, common parking lots, private garages and cottages-townhouses, etc.

S-VRC is a highly customizable product totally based on the required loading capacity, platform size and lift height. Single, double or triple platform - can be made depending on the actual requirements,  thanks to which this model can be used as:

- Car parking elevator

- Underground multi-floor garage

Interfloor lift

The purpose of the interfloor lift is to transport the car to different heights. The lifting height of the device itself depends on the number of installed scissor-type mechanisms in the structure, the dimensions of the platform and can be easily increased at the request of the customer.


The advantages of floor-to-floor car lift:

1. Easy installation

2. Safe and reliable operation

Limit switch is fixed on the bottom end of the scissor arm. When the platform goes to the appointed height, it will automatic stopped to avoid the wrong operation.

Safety fence on the top platform will protect driver to walk out of the platform safely.

3. A pair of powerful hydraulic cylinders ensure smooth and safe lifting and storage of the machine

4. Convenient lift control

Two panels are available for the customer, which can be installed at the designated floors and could be also installed on the lift platform, user-friendly and easy-operating.

5. Practicality and reliability of the design

Multi-storey Parking lift


By creating a “multi-storey garage” using a double or triple platform of S-VRC2 or S-VRC3, the owner of the site has the opportunity to use the vacant space more efficiently.  


l The underground space can accommodate several vehicles. In addition, replaceable tires, tools, etc. can be stored there.

l Possibility to control the lifting mechanism using a remote control or a panel mounted next to it.

l The roof of the SVRC can be either decorative, decorated with paving stones or lawn, or functional. When the garage is closed, another car can be parked on its surface.

It is advisable to use this type of lifting equipment in the following places:


l private and commercial parking;

l multi-storey buildings and households;

l shopping and entertainment and office centers;

l airports and train stations;

l in all possible places with the need for parking and a limited area.


In recent years, owners of private houses and residents of townhouses are increasingly adopting it, especially at the request of the customer, the lift can be harmoniously installed in the overall landscape of the personal plot.


Car parking lifts and floor-to-floor car elevators for access to parking complexes, both multi-level and underground, have become widespread, since with their use it is possible to obtain additional parking spaces, the absence of which affects the lack of parking spaces in cities (especially megacities).


Additional options:


Changing the size of the platform

Changing the lift height - up to 13,000 mm

Changing the lifting capacity - up to 10,000 kg

Platform fencing

RAL painting

Additional safety devices (Maintenance hatch, photo sensor, and other desired and safety necessary extensions can always be discussed) 


How much does a car parking lift cost?

The exact cost of manufacturing each of the lifts is always formed individually. When forming the price, the dimensions and carrying capacity of the product are taken into account, as well as the customer's wishes for optional equipment.



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