World'S Highest Smart Stereo Garage Opened In Lhasa

Apr 1st, 2021

The first smart stereo garage was recently officially launched in Lhasa, Tibet, at 3,650 meters above sea level. The garage was built by CIMC IOT, an innovative enterprise directly part of the CIMC group, for a local residential oasis project. The garage is 8 floors high and has 167 parking spaces.The project manager said that this is the highest 3D garage to date

The first smart stereo car garage in Lhasa is the industry leader in car access speed.

The implication is that oasis Yundi is a high quality residential project in Lhasa that places higher demands on parking spaces. This not only requires the technical team to have a wealth of experience, but also emphasizes usability and quality design.

However, the three-dimensional garage is widely popular in first-tier cities, the main reason is the lack of land for construction, and Tibet is vast and sparsely populated. Why developers are pushing the market to build a three-dimensional garage?

Lhasa is located on a plateau with shallow water, according to the CIMC staff in charge of the project. Geological conditions do not allow the construction of a deep underground car park, which can only be completed up to the first floor underground. However, there are only 73 parking spaces on the ground floor, which is clearly not enough for more than 400 owners in the village. Therefore, smart stereo garage is chosen to meet the needs of parking owners.

CIMC is the first domestic enterprise to develop and launch an intelligent stereo garage. The company has over 20 years of successful experience in implementing standardized projects in this area and has built over 100,000 parking spaces for government agencies, underground industries, urban areas and other customer groups. Currently, CIMC's smart 3D garage project is dominated by CIMC IOT, an innovative enterprise built by integrating corporate resources.

Based on the advantages of CIMC Group's equipment manufacturing, and combined with the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other next-generation technology, the company is better at upgrading smart 3D garage products.

Based on this, oasis Yundi finally decided to cooperate with CIMC. In the overall design, the exterior color of the garage wall is a noble yellow combined with industrial gray, which harmoniously blends with the surrounding architectural style. The garage is a fully intelligent stereogarage with vertical lift, 8 floors above the ground and a total of 167 parking spaces. It is understood that this type of smart three-dimensional garage uses a retaining tire type holder (i.e., a manipulator type holder), and the shortest storage / collection time is only 60 seconds, which is the fastest in the industry. When the car is in storage, the owner only needs to drive the car into the lobby and enter the storage information.

Oasis Cloud Di is the smart leader of the stereo garage project, as shipping, garage utilization is very high, but also for this quickly sold out, Star Real Estate has added a touch of "vibrant color technology".

Materials meet the requirements of extreme cold, design to overcome the problem of hypoxia The Oasis Yundi smart stereo garage project is located in Duilongdeqing district of Lhasa city, at an altitude of 3650 meters, which is equivalent to the height of the Potala Palace. The oxygen content in the air is only 60% of the sea level. The construction period of the facility is more than one year. Due to the lack of oxygen on the plateau, low temperature and rain, this causes great difficulties for workers at the construction site.

According to the introduction, due to the very cold and oxygen-free construction conditions in the Tibetan Qinghai Plateau, large-scale equipment such as the transport platform, supporting and turntable needed for the project is first assembled in the production workshop in Shenzhen, and then transported by rail to the railway station. Lhasa, and then transported to the construction site on a semi-trailer. Transportation of the equipment takes about a month. At the same time, in order to cope with extremely cold weather, the CIMC IOT Stereo Garage Design Department has carried out full frost resistance preparations for electrical appliances, cables, steel and other materials to ensure that the project can be completed with quality.

The first difficulty for installers is the discomfort caused by rarefied oxygen upon entering the plateau. They often wear oxygen cylinders on their backs and work by sucking in oxygen so that the installation can be completed in time. At the stage of putting the equipment into operation, technicians often carry out commissioning work in the daytime, and in the evening they continue a thorough examination and troubleshooting. In Lhasa, the temperature dropped sharply. In these conditions, cold, hypoxia and fatigue have become almost common food for construction personnel.

As the construction of the project enters the acceptance stage, the engineering team faces another challenge: since this is the first smart stereo garage in Lhasa, the local special equipment testing institute has no experience in accepting this new type of engineering equipment. In order to ensure the integrity and adherence of the acceptance procedures, the local special inspection institutes specially invited the special inspection institutes of Guangdong and Sichuan provinces to conduct joint acceptance.

During the construction process, the difficulties faced by the project personnel are much greater. However, CIMC employees face all sorts of problems and ensure timely installation and stable operation of all types of equipment, which has been recognized by customers. The high-quality completion of the Smart Stereo Garage project has established the CIMC brand in Tibet, created the CIMC height and laid a good foundation for further exploration and development of the snow pearl market.This is China Parking.


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