What Are The Advantages Of Installing Parking Sysytem In Residential Area?

Mar 26th, 2021

With the rise in the standard of living of people and the rapid increase in the number of vehicles, people have ever higher parking requirements. Thanks to the intelligent parking management system, many people prefer this system in people's lives. Now, more and more people are installing intelligent parking management system, which not only has an ever higher level of intelligence, but also brings convenience and happiness to people's lives and improves their quality of life. It improves efficiency. The intelligent parking system has irreplaceable advantages in community vehicle management, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. A variety of charging methods, flexible response to different management needs.
The smart parking system has flexible payment methods that can easily meet the needs of different users, such as temporary users, fixed users, special users, monthly rental users, etc. They can be configured in the system to meet different management needs.

2. A high level of automation, a decrease in the intensity of personnel labor, an increase in management efficiency.
The intelligent parking management system adopts various advanced technologies, such as smart card technology, Bluetooth technology, license plate recognition technology, and so on, which can realize automatic entry control, improve management efficiency and reduce labor costs.

3. Increase the level of security and prevent theft of vehicles.
The intelligent parking system is equipped with surveillance cameras, which can automatically record and compare incoming and outgoing vehicles, effectively prevent theft of vehicles, and have a good guarantee for public transport vehicles.

4. The system is convenient to use, easy to operate and operate, and the parking equipment is equipped with computer voice prompts, intercom help, bright Chinese and English LEDs, digital display, automatic parking space statistics, full position prompt, etc., which is convenient for users.

5. Intelligent parking system uses computer billing, charging, every payment is registered in the system, charging is accurate, but also has many means to close charging loopholes to avoid losing cash, to protect parking revenue.


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