Rotary Smart Parking Is A Lifesaver Of Modern Cities!

Jul 12th, 2021

The carousel parking equipment developed by Mutrade is a highly efficient system in space-saving, offering from 6 to 20 parking spaces in the minimum occupied area of 35m2 only, merely enough for 2 conventional parking spaces.


Rotary (carousel) parking


It’s also a very efficient system in time. The maximum waiting time for a car is 2.3 minutes. While the 11-level system with 20-parking spaces can quickly complete a full circle at speeds up to 7.9m / min.

The vehicle enters the parking pallet of the rotary system from the front. It’s possible to add the option of rotating platform so that cars can leave the parking pallet forward. 



The parking module of the carousel ARP system has a lifting mechanism, which is dual high-strength circuits of closed roller chains with car storage platforms suspended from them by means of strong brackets. This design of the Mutrade rotary system maintains the standard and precision of each module, and ensures the safety and stability of the system.


Drive unit parameters:

Engine power - from 7.5 kW to 22 kW, depending on the number of levels, the number of parking spaces and carrying capacity;

Voltage - 380 V, 50 Hz;

Rotation speed - from ≤4.4m / min to ≤7.9m / min in the number of levels, number of parking spaces and load capacity.

Despite the high complexity of design & production and high stable operation, the rotary system is quite easy to install comparing to other fully automated parking systems. A standard system normally takes only 7 days to install.


The requirements for the foundation, as well as the loads on the construction part from the operation of the mechanism of the rotary parking system are developed individually in accordance with the specific conditions of the project (Customer or contractor shall provide the power supply cables according to the installation place of the mechanized parking system.)

The construction part includes the following structures and systems:

- foundation with embedded elements for installation of technological equipment for parking;

- enclosing structures of the parking system itself such as the Carousel and entry-exit zones;

- stairs, service platforms, hatches and stepladders;

- pits with drainage;

- power supply;

-  Protective grounding.

A roof and attachment elements for the body kit are optional.


The engineering works that the customer is responsible for providing independently include:

- lighting of the entrance-exit area and the operator's cabin;

- fire protection measures should be provided in a module or group of modules of rotary ARP systems in accordance with local requirements.

- heating of the operator's cabin;

- drain from the module installation area;

- finishing and painting of the operator's cabin, enclosing structures in the entry-exit area.

Mutrade advice:

In the case of the presence of an operator's cabin that ensures the operation of a group of modules, the room where the operator is located, in order to create comfortable working conditions, should be considered as a closed heated with an air temperature not lower than 18 ° С and not higher than 40 ° С. The air temperature in the control system cabinets is not lower than 5 ° С and not higher than 40 ° С, it is allowed to provide local heating.



Make the system yourself!


Optional parts for whole group:

- Canopy

- Wind and earthquake resistance device

- Power-off parking and removal device

- Automatic rolling door


Optional parts for each parking space

- Automatic scratching prevented device

- Turntable pallet

- Anti-sliding device

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