AUTOMATED PARKING: a smart solution to the parking problem

AUTOMATED PARKING: a smart solution to the parking problem

Sep 9th, 2022

Gone are the days when car owners, buying a new apartment, did not think about where to store their car. The vehicle could always be left in an open parking lot in the yard or within walking distance from the house. And if there was a garage cooperative nearby, it was a gift of fate. Today, garages are a thing of the past, and the level of motorization of the population has become even higher. According to statistics, today every third inhabitant of megacities has a car. As a result, the yards of new buildings risk turning into a chaotic parking lot with rolled tracks instead of a green lawn. There can be no talk of any comfort for the residents and the safety of children playing in the yard.
Fortunately, at present, many developers take a responsible approach to the organization of living space and implement the concept of a “yard without cars”, as well as design parking lots.


Smart parking

To solve the problem of lack of parking spaces around the world, multi-level mechanized parking lots have been used for more than 50 years, which have two main advantages over conventional car parks - saving parking space and the ability to reduce human participation due to full or partial automation of the parking process.
The automated system for receiving and issuing a car allows you to use a minimum of space - the parking space for one car is only slightly larger than the dimensions of the car itself. The movement and storage of vehicles is carried out using various technical means that can move vertically, horizontally or perform a U-turn. Such smart parking lots are in great demand in Japan, China, America and many European countries. Today it is real all over the world.

Advantages of Parking Automation

Since the parking lot is multi-level, the first question that arises is the cleanliness of the lower tiers, because dirty and wet wheels of higher cars, coupled with gravity, can cause trouble. Mutrade's engineers paid due attention to this point - the platform pallets are completely sealed, which excludes the possibility of dirt, rainwater, chemicals and traces of oil products getting on the downstream vehicles. In addition, automated parking systems have a number of advantages over traditional car parks.

Mutrade tower parking system automated parking robotic system multilevet ATP 10

First of all, it is safety. The parking mechanism is designed in such a way that it does not interact with the car body, but only touches the tires. This reduces the risk of damage to the car to zero. In the world, such parking lots are widespread and are considered very safe, because the metal sections are designed for a long service life.

Significant time savings. Automated parking saves us from having to drive and look for a free parking space. The driver needs to perform just a few actions - put the car in a certain place and activate the platform by applying an electronic card, and the robot will do the rest.
Environmental friendliness. Do not forget that in non-automated parking lots, a large number of cars constantly move in an enclosed space. The building must be equipped with a sufficiently powerful ventilation system that will save the room from the accumulation of exhaust gases. There is no such accumulation of gases in automated parking lots.

shuttle parking mutrade automated parking system

If we talk about maintenance, then mechanized parking also has an advantage, there is no need to repair the roadway and walls, there is no need to maintain powerful ventilation systems, etc. Mechanized parking is made of metal sections that will last for quite a long time, and the absence of exhaust gases inside the parking space eliminates the need for ventilation systems.

Fully automated parking system Mutrade automated robotic parking lot 3

Personal peace of mind. Fully robotic parking eliminates the possibility of unauthorized entry into the parking area, which eliminates theft and vandalism.

As we can see, in addition to significant space savings, smart parking lots are very convenient to use. Therefore, it can be argued that the automation of parking spaces is becoming a global trend all over the world, where the problem of lack of parking spaces is still not solved.


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