China Parking Plan Of 35 Key Cities In 2021

Mar 9th, 2021

Shanghai city:

The Shanghai Municipal Government's 2021 performance report states that 4,000 new public parking  spaces and 10,000 new public charging stations will be built around old residential areas and hospitals.

Shanghai's three-year transport industry development plan to promote the construction of new  infrastructure (2020-2022) has led to the creation of a smart parking system to improve public  transport information services; improving the data asset management system to improve the level of  network security, as well as providing the public with "information request, berth reservation,  meaningless payment, electronic invoices" and other services.

Municipal Road Transport Bureau:

From 2020 to 2022, Shanghai district governments will promote the creation of 100 parking  management pilot projects and start the construction of 10000 public parking spaces. To promote the investment and construction of parking facilities, including the study of planning land and project  approval support policies; to study the support policies and quantitative objectives for the construction of parking facilities in combination with public buildings and municipal facilities; to study and formulate the supporting policies for the construction of parking facilities in residential areas and hospitals, to revise relevant technical standards, and to establish fine governance and market-oriented promotion mechanism.

Xuhui District government work report:

Strengthen the comprehensive treatment of parking difficulties, continue to make up for the shortage  of parking service facilities, and add 300 public charging piles and 2000 public berths throughout  the  year.

Jing'an District government work report:

 Strengthen the sharing and utilization of parking resources, and strive to solve the parking problem.

Baoshan District government work report: 

50 bus shelters and 1000 public parking spaces will be added.


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