Stereo Garage Fire Prevention Measures

Mar 15th, 2021

At present, the urban population is becoming more and more dense. In order to solve the problem of insufficient urban parking area, the three-dimensional garage has been put into use. Especially in summer, the temperature is high and the climate is dry and easy to catch fire, and many three-dimensional garages are airtight. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the issue of fire protection to ensure safety. Therefore, the fire protection design should meet the following requirements.


1. Fire isolation between parking spaces

Considering that in the event of a fire, if you want to control its expansion, it is better to isolate it. That is to say, if there is a repair parking space in the three-dimensional garage, then the parking position and the repair parking space with different functions, Can be separated by a firewall. In addition, if the three-dimensional garage is very close to other buildings, a special firewall must be set up in the middle to separate it so that it does not affect each other.


2. Fireproof overhangs for doors and windows


After a fire, if there is wind, the fire will become more serious. Therefore, if there are vents or doors and windows in the underground three-dimensional garage, then in order to avoid the spread of the fire, fire protection canopies can be installed at these key positions. , Or the upper and lower window sill walls. And the stereo garage manufacturers emphasize that if they want it to work, they should also consider the size and the fire resistance of the material. It should be repeated experiments and set the standards before setting.


3. There must be evacuation channels and exits


Because the three-dimensional garage is composed of mechanical equipment, and if these equipment want to operate, they need to be activated by electric energy. If the transformer and oil switch used in it must be installed in the garage, then It is even more necessary to strengthen fire prevention measures. The cost-effective three-dimensional garage manufacturers introduced, for example, set up evacuation safety exits inside, and make a few more in different directions to prevent crowded interferon evacuation.


The above are several fire protection design requirements of the three-dimensional garage. In addition, at least two evacuation exits should be arranged, and the distance between the people running inside and the exit should be controlled within the specified range. At the same time, an automatic sprinkler system is set up as a protective measure, and the materials selected for making firewalls in the popular three-dimensional garage should have enough fire resistance limits to be effective at critical moments.


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