Smart Parking: Convenient For A Car - Convenient For A Person

Smart Parking: Convenient For A Car - Convenient For A Person

Mar 16th, 2021

There have never been as many cars in the world as there are today. Two or even three cars often “live” in one family, and the issue of parking is one of the most acute and urgent in modern housing construction. Will “smart home” help solve it, and what modern technologies make parking convenient and invisible?


The number of cars in cities around the world is increasing every year, despite traffic jams. On average, there are 485 cars per 1000 people living in the city. And while this trend continues.

Yards without cars

People have difficulties with parking not only in the city center, but also near their homes. It would seem that it is easier to make a large parking lot around the apartment building. But then the concept of “comfortable environment” disappears completely. Polls show that residents of houses, regardless of the class of housing and its height, do not want to see cars inside their yards. At the same time, people are in favor of parking located near the house.

The first and popular solution is to move the cars underground. Modern urban planning regulations require a large number of parking spaces on the built-up land plots. At the same time, customer requirements for the comfort of the living environment, including convenient parking lots, are growing in all segments. And if earlier underground parking was built only in high-class projects - "business" and "elite", today they are increasingly found in the mass market.

However, developers use different solutions. For example - open parking outside the yard as an addition to the underground. The situation with parking spaces is solved in different ways: in some projects, a large parking area is allocated outside the yard. There are organized indoor and outdoor parking, paid and free, underground parking and parking spaces are being equipped on the outer territory of the quarter.

Modern solutions

Modern parking is very different from those that were built a decade ago. But the security in many cases has been replaced by an electronic security and access control system. Buyers of parking spaces acquire not only space for a car, but also confidence in its safety - programmed systems are installed in automated parking lots, access to it is possible only for owners of parking spaces, and it is carried out through an electronic key.


Another important modern option is the ability to come to the parking lot by elevator. Such an opportunity exists in many business and elite class projects, since it is very relevant and in demand - it is about it that it is customary to say “get into the car in house slippers”.


As for the most modern and innovative solutions that are already used by developers on the market today, these are parking lots that reduce driver participation to a minimum. The most modern are mechanized parking, in which the driver is minimally involved in the process of parking the car - he only hands it over for storage, after which a special elevator lifts the car to the desired tier and puts it in the cell, and the car owner receives a card with the code of this cell.

Such modern solutions are already widely used in many countries of the world. Depending on the capabilities of the land, it is possible to use parking lots of various types, including parking lots with mechanized rotary-type parking, when cars are stored on special platforms, and the car is received and returned by the parking lot using a “carousel” mechanism.

Among other convenient and popular options, experts note a dedicated parking space for car washing, as well as charging for electric vehicles. From the technical capabilities - the use of video surveillance cameras, light indicators, motion sensors and a system for transmitting all information about the car to the owner's mobile phone.


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