How About Quality Level Of Mutrade Car Parking Lifts?

May 19th, 2021

How about quality level of Mutrade car parking lifts?

Mutrade (Hydro-park) products are certified by TÜV Rheinland.

TÜV Rheinland stands for safety and quality in almost all areas of business and life. Founded almost 150 years ago, the company is one of the world's leading testing service providers with over 20,000 employees and annual revenues of € 2 billion. TÜV Rheinland's highly qualified experts test technical systems and products around the world, support technology and business innovation, train people in various professions and certify management systems in accordance with international standards. Thus, independent experts inspire confidence in products, as well as in processes in global value chains and commodity flows.


There are an example of product to show our quality details.  

HP3130&3230 is 4 post stacker car parking lift developed by Mutrade. HP3130&3230 designed to lift standard automobile vehicles or sport utility vehicles with a maximum weight of 6.000 pounds used to provide additional parking spaces.

Hydro-Park 3130&3230 is the most effective way to triple or quadruple the capacity of typical parking areas for compact placement of cars and their safe long-term storing.

Design features and additional optional offers to expand capabilities

1. The large carrying capacity allows you to accommodate heavy vehicles weighing up to 3000kg each platform.

2. Feature of post sharing enables multiple installations in limited space

3. Multi-position anti-falling fail safe locking system

4. One power pack can be shared by max 6 side-by-side units

5. Centralized commercial power pack optional

6. Seismic moment frame is optional as additional reinforcement

50 Units of Car Stacker Parking Solution For Porsche Car Dealer  in Manhattan

“Trust, but verify”

Sometimes our customers test our parking equipment themselves before using it, as a Porsche dealership in New York was tested by a third party hired by Porsche for their dealership.

A load test was carried out, lifting only 14 tons for 3 platforms, at a time when the nominal declared lifting capacity of each platform is 3000kg.

◆ Test results confirm that four-post mechanical parking lift stacker type HP3130 meets the criteria for car parking lifts under the 2008 New York Building Code.

Testing results are based on a maximum expected platform load of 6000 Ibs, which corresponds to the load of a sport utility vehicle Therefore each vehicle platform must be loaded with 12.000 Ibs for a safety factor of 2.


◆ The load requirements were tested as follows:

a.  Each platform loaded to security blocking.

b.  4 levels of the parking lift (three raised platforms), each platform above the ground level was loaded by 12,000 pounds, in addition on each raised platform, is subjected to horizontal strength of 1000 pounds used simultaneously with the vertical load. Total loading for the test was 36,000 pounds of vertical strength, plus 3000 pounds of horizontal power applied to raised platforms.

c.  For the 3rd level, the parking elevator (two raised platforms), each platform above the ground level was loaded by 12,000 pounds, in addition, each raised platform was horizontally in 1000 pounds used simultaneously with a vertical load on the load. Pounds of vertical strength Plus 2000 pounds of horizontal power applied to the raised platform.

d.  For a parking elevator level 2 (one raised platform), the platform over the ground level was loaded by 12,000 pounds, the additionally raised platform was subjected to horizontal strength of 1000 pounds.


◆ The test confirms that the car parking lift HP3130 is manufactured in accordance with safety standards and has three platforms that can be lifted with a maximum of one vehicle on each platform. The lift can be installed outdoors or indoors. The lifting mechanism is hydraulically driven and connected to the hydraulic fluid reservoir.

It's never been so easy to save space!

We love seeing our customers results and to know about their experience working with our mechanical parking equipment.

After the obtained test results, our customer from a Porsche dealership saw an obvious advantage in the quality of the produced Mutrade product and, in order to maximize the parking space, purchased 50 units of 4-level car lifts instead of 3-level car lifts to store his car warehouse. See reference photos with Mutrade hydraulic parking lifts!


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