Hunan Cancer Hospital Promotes Construction of Stereo Garage Automated Parking System

Hunan Cancer Hospital Promotes Construction of Stereo Garage Automated Parking System

Jul 23rd, 2021

On July 20, a reporter learned from Hunan Cancer Hospital that a joint meeting was held in the conference room on the third floor of the hospital on the construction of a mechanical stereogard for the parking of Hunan Cancer Hospital, organized by the Changsha Large Transportation Construction Center. The meeting was attended by the relevant persons in charge of the Changsha Large Transportation Construction Center, the Changsha Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, Yuelu District, the municipal capital and planning bureau, the municipal bureau of the city government, the city traffic police squad and the street. The meeting was moderated by Li Zhifeng, a second-level researcher at the city center for the construction of large transport facilities.

At the meeting, Hu Jun, Vice President of the Hunan Provincial Cancer Hospital, presented the basic situation in the hospital, the background and current situation of the project construction, and the design department presented the design diagram. Subsequently, the leaders at the meeting discussed the implementation of the project and put forward practical proposals.

Li Zhifeng, head of the second-tier research center of the city's large transport facilities construction center, in his concluding speech noted that parking in a hospital is an obstacle, a difficult point and a painful point in the life of people. Provincial Cancer Hospital prioritizes the solution to the problem of patient parking and invests human, material and financial resources in actively solving this problem. This is the specific work of the hospital in party history education for individuals. The municipal government and the relevant functional departments must increase support, and the owners, design and construction departments must adapt to the proposals put forward by the respective departments to ensure the safe and smooth implementation of the project.

Hu Jun, vice president of Hunan Cancer Hospital, presented that the hospital currently uses more than 4,000 vehicles per day, and various measures have been taken to facilitate parking for medical vehicles and at the same time strengthen the traffic management system. in the hospital and increase the utilization of parking spaces. The hospital encourages low-carbon workers to go outside and avoid driving to work. For workers with long distances and inconvenient transport, the hospital has a cost management regime for the vehicles of employees who travel to work. At the same time, the hospital has contacted neighboring units many times to rent parking spaces, which is being used to mitigate the controversy over parking difficulties.

It is reported that the hospital currently has 693 parking spaces and 422 parking spaces for the new stereo garage. It has 5-7 floors and can be lifted by face recognition, fingerprints, license plate input, card swiping, serial number, manual and other means. It is convenient and fast, with short waiting times. It is expected to enter service in September this year.


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