Two Level Parker Car Parking Lift With Pit

Two Level Parker Car Parking Lift With Pit

Jul 22nd, 2021

Two-level Parker Car Parking Lifts with a pit or also known as two-post underground parking systems of an independent type are a kind of built-in parking systems with a technical pit, which provides four parking spaces and a 2- times increase of  the parking space without compromising the ease of use of the parking lot.

In underground Car Parker, cars can be parked without having to empty the lower or higher storage level. To install this Parking Lift Four Car Storage Equipment a technological pit is required, where the car is lowered for a short or long period for storage.

The design of the built-in two-level Pit Auto Car Parking Equipment has the following advantages:


Pit stacker lift allows to increase the capacity of existing parking lot by 2 times, without increasing the area and organizing additional access roads to the lower level.


Any car can be delivered and picked up independently of the others, while Pit Car Parking Stacker is quiet, which is also important for indoor installation and use.


Pit Smart Car Parking System has high reliability due to simplicity of design, proven mechanism and numerous safety devices.


Due to the simplicity of the control system, the driver can operate the parking without special training.

How is the safety of the driver and the vehicle ensured?

Two-level parking lifts with a pit   developed by Mutrade have multiple levels of protection against various emergency situations, misoperation and accidents.

So, in case of an overload, short circuit or other emergency, the automatic protection of the system will block the lift and completely limit the operation of the system.

Mechanical safety devices stop the movement of the system when the platform reaches its extreme upper or lower position, hold it in place for additional safety and prevent the vehicle from being lowered unintentionally.

The control box is usually located outside the working area, in a convenient location for visual control while operating the system.

During operation, a beep sounds to inform you about the system's operation.

The photocells sensor as an extra option can be installed on request.* The photocells do not allow an unauthorized person, child or animal to freely enter the elevator operation area - an alarm and blocking will be triggered.

How to choose  parking system of the right dimensions?

Dimensions are an important characteristic of the equipment and is rather critical parameter for indoor parking.

For example, single platform and double platform models can be combined to maximize the available space and increase the possible number of parking spaces.

The height of the vehicle with attachments matters. Therefore, we recommend taking into account which classes of cars will be stored in the Pit Type Parking System.

If the ceiling height is minimal, we recommend using dependent parking lifts with a tilting platform for low rooms, from 2.7 meters.

How is the lower car protected from the upper level leaks in pit parking stacker?

The upper level platform is completely sealed, protected from leaks, equipped with shower drains and slopes. The ingress of technical fluids, water and melting snow on the vehicle below is excluded.

The parking system of ST series ( models 2127 and 2227 ) is a two-level built-in "independent" type of parking with a high level of reliability and maximum efficiency. To increase the indoor parking space, there are also analogues in the form of horizontally moving parking platforms, single overhead parking lifts and two-level «on ground» puzzle-type parking systems, which can also be combined with one underground level. To find the most efficient and cost-effective parking solution that suits your needs, please contact Mutrade through the form below. 

In your message, kindly let us know more information about your project and requirements for pit parking solution (dimensions of the site for installing equipment, what kind of cars are planned to be parked, the total desired number of parking spaces and other specific requirements).


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