Hydraulic Lifting Paltforms

Hydraulic Lifting Paltforms

Aug 27th, 2021

Hydraulic lifting platforms are special stationary lifting equipment that is designed to move vehicles or goods vertically to different heights. Basically, hydraulic elevating platforms are used in warehouse complexes for loading and unloading goods, or on production lines - for moving products to different levels, as well as in parking lots where it is impossible to organize an inclined approach. The lift platforms are very convenient for providing intensive vehicle or cargo traffic between different levels of buildings and facilities, provide quick lifting and lowering. Floor To Floor Lift Platform can also be used as auxiliary equipment in technological lines, for carrying out assembly operations, to simplify the unloading of trucks in the absence of a ramp, and for other purposes.


Mutrade Hydraulic Lift Tables have high reliability and long service life. All vertical Elevator Lifts can be equipped with additional equipment for lifting tables - protective fences, and nets; wheelbase and height rise limiters; turntable, etc. Hydraulic platforms can be easily integrated into the project.


Structurally, the lifting platforms produced by Mutrade are divided into Four Post Car Elevator and scissor lifting platforms, and the scissor lifts, in turn, differ in the type of scissor mechanism (single, double, triple, with double scissors, etc.), and all of them can be equipped with various kinds of additional equipment such as a turntable or conveyor. The lifting height, depending on the model, reaches 8-14 meters, the lifting capacity is 10 tons.


The lifting platforms offered by Mutrade fully comply with safety requirements, have limiting frames, mechanical stops and other necessary systems that block the operation of the lifting mechanism in emergency situations or overload.


Popular models of hydraulic lift platforms


Single scissor lift tables 

Hydraulic lifting tables with one pair of scissors, this is the largest group of scissor lifting platforms. Such popularity of this type of lifting equipment is due to the presence of a fairly simple design, in conjunction with the versatility of use. Models of Scissors Hydraulic Ramp with single scissors are used in various sectors of the national economy - in production or in the transfer area of a warehouse, in garages or car dealerships. They perfectly adapt to any task and are reliable ergonomic helpers in any business.

The characteristics of hydraulic tables can be changed to meet specific customer requirements. Single scissor Lifting platforms can be supplied in various colors, with a set of various accessories - folding canopies (ramps), railings, etc. and alternative control means. Some models of the scissor elevators can be supplied in a high-strength design - for particularly intensive use. The functionality of the product can be increased by using various accessories.



Lifting Tables with two horizontal scissors 

In order to lift heavy and long objects, you need a lift table with special features. With the horizontal double scissors lifting platforms designed by Mutrade, the solution is at your fingertips. The lift platform is equipped with a combination of two pairs of scissors, select the height range and length of the elevating platform to achieve the desired result. The two pairs of scissors are mechanically synchronized to ensure simultaneous operation.


Elevating tables with two horizontal scissors can be supplied in a variety of colors, tailor-made to suit the customer's needs, as well as a variety of accessories and alternative control means. Some models are available in high-strength construction especially for heavy duty use. The functionality of the product can be increased by a range of accessories such as a mechanical lift switch and remote control etc.


Multi-scissor lift table 

Lift table with tree or more vertical scissors  allow to achieve a higher lifting height. Most of Scissor Lift Platform Mutrade models are designed for intensive use. The Scissor elevating tables are made very accurately, if you measure the length of the levers and center-to-center distances, the delta will be vanishingly small. Consequently, our lift tables have minimal vibration at high heights.


An example of the use of Mutrades Scissor lifting tables with double and triple vertical scissors is their use as work platforms, car floor-to-floor elevators, and freight lifts. Compared to traditional lifting equipment, vertical double and triple scissor tables are a safe and efficient solution for lifting loads to maximum heights.

An increase in the functionality of the use of vertical scissor lift tables can be achieved by installing additional accessories, such as a guardrail, a wicket, hinged canopies (ramps), lifting stops (limit switches), as well as various types of control units.


Four post hydraulic lift 

The four post lifting platform is a heavy duty lift, that is designed to move goods and vehicles between the levels. The four-post elevating table is the choice for the confident consumer, all the latest technology has been used to ensure fast, stable and reliable ascent and descent. Lift heights up to 10,000 mm and lifting capacity 6,000 kg. The lift has safety devices that provide the user with a safe and reliable four-post lift for everyday use.

Mutrade Modern Four Post Vertical Hydraulic Lift platform allows you to effectively solve various problems that goods and car elevator faces. It can be installed in large shopping centers, warehouses, hospitals, supermarkets, and expensive hotels. Thanks to the use of a hydroelectric drive, the elevating platform always ensures high stopping accuracy. It creates conditions for the safe delivery of any cargo, including the most fragile.


Maintenance Tips

In the process of using hydraulic lifting equipment, it is required to carry out daily removal of the appeared stains of contamination, as well as to check the degree of operability of the pumping equipment. This simple action can save you from serious money spending on repairs in the future. In the process of maintenance of electro-hydraulic equipment, the following types of work are required:

  • Periodic lubrication of moving joints

  • Checking seams and joints for leaks

  • Checking the electrical system of the lift, its elements, including the motor, as well as the quality of the cable connection

  • Checking anchors for tightness

  • Checking the quality of the tension of the synchro cables

  • Evaluation of the safety of threaded connections

  • Visual check of the integrity of the main elements of the lift

  • Checking the upper lift position limitation sensor for operability

  • Maintenance of safety locks (check, clean, lubricate if necessary)

  • Checking the amount of oil in the system


It is worth noting that different models of lifts may have certain differences in service associated with their design features.

In the process of annual maintenance, along with current operations, a number of additional activities are carried out:

  •  Inspection of seams and struts

  •  Painting areas with damage to the coating

  •  Change the oil in the system according to the instructions.


Scope of applications of lifting platforms: 

The first lifting tables appeared about five hundred years ago - then they were used in military affairs during the siege of fortresses; platforms were set up under the walls and powered by winches that lifted them up along with the warriors. Today, the world society is "fighting" for a place on the planet, optimizing and making the most of every meter of space.


This solution provided auto dealers with the opportunity to overcome the obstacles that arise when vehicles move between floors in car showrooms. Thanks to its adapted design, the lift table is ideal for quick adjustments and interior remodeling of multi-level showrooms.

For private use, this is, first of all, an excellent opportunity to store a car under the floor, which doubles the usable area and at the same time provides unsurpassed protection against break-ins and car thefts.

· Car dealership

· Multilevel parking

· Underground garage

· Warehouse

· Business center, etc.

Why should choose a lift table from Mutrade: 

1. We are a manufacturer, therefore we are responsible for the quality of products and provide good service.

2. We manufacture equipment to order according to the customer's drawings.

3. Competitive prices - we work directly with the largest metal producers, therefore we do not overpay for raw materials.


A lifting platform for a warehouse or other purpose has many technical characteristics. When choosing, you should focus on the following parameters:

1. Maximum lifting capacity;

2. Functionality;

3. Dimensions.

Mutrade specialists will help you choose lifting tables and elevating platforms.

The assortment of Mutrade products contains a variety of positions, among which you can choose the optimal, most suitable profitable option. If you have any questions, our consultant managers will help you buy lifting platforms of the required models at an attractive price.

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