Turntable For Cars: The Best Idea For A Convenient Drive Into The Garage, When“No Room To Swing A Cat”

Aug 30th, 2021

Many families have more than one car and have difficulty finding a parking space. The garage is too small or the road is uncomfortable for two cars. Sometimes, even if there is one car, the area of the garage and the exit from the yard does not allow you to comfortably turn around and go to the roadway.

On a small plot, it is cramped not only for the owners, but also for their cars. Many people are familiar with the situation “do not pass, do not go through”. If parking and turning on a site is a serious problem, the Automotive Turn Table can be a lifesaver.

The equipment in question has been developed for parking lots, warehouses, car shows and showrooms. But practice has shown that it is also appropriate on a private site. Especially if the family has two or three cars, and there is sorely lack of room for maneuvers. So what is it?

A Car Rotating Platform in your garage or driveway can help you get out of your yard.

Designed to give more freedom to park and make it easier to get out of the yard, the car spinner is a useful solution when space is limited in your garage or driveway.

With a Car Rotating Turn Table, the driver can leave the yard without complicated maneuvers and a lot of time.


CTT Electric Rotating Car Turn Tables are produced in different sizes, and you can choose the right one depending on your needs. It can be a small compact structure for a small space and a small car, or, on the contrary, large enough to accommodate a massive car and leave the yard without obstacles.

Now there is no need to drive out of the yard in reverse, fearing to crash into any obstacle


If there are several cars and a narrow space in the yard for their entry, exit and turn, the Car Turntable 360 Degree Rotating will also help solve the problem. You park the first car, turn the area, park the second car. When leaving, the same manipulations are performed, depending on which car needs to leave first.


Car turntables can be created in accordance with the main site of the yard, be contrasting or match the design of your yard and home.

If desired, you can use completely different materials from the main road surface, so that they, on the contrary, stand out and complement the site.


Car Turning Platforms Mutrade - a professional range of vehicle turntables - ideal for tight spaces, driveways, car dealerships and garages.


The principle of the Electric Rotating Platform is extremely simple. The car drives into the movable Electric Rotating Turntable. In order to leave it, the platform is turned through an angle from 1 to 360º. The rotation speed of the car "carousel" is on average one revolution per minute, but it can be changed if necessary. The Parking Turn Table is driven by a 220 V electric drive and is controlled by control box with buttons . Remote control  and PLC system are optional for Rotating Platforms.

Rotating Platform For Cars require the installation of a wall-mounted electrical control cabinet to which the control box is connected.


Rotating Table rotates 360 degrees and can be stopped in any position. We manufacture bespoke vehicle turntables and supply them with the exact diameter to match the specific conditions on site.


The standard finish of the Vehicle Turn Tables is diamond steel plate or aluminum alloy plate and then powder coating to ensure long life. At the request of the customer,  the surface can be adapted to the existing driveway using tiles, asphalt or even artificial grass - such solutions are often requested when ordering a swivel car platform for private houses with garages.


Installation of the car  turntable


The mounting height of the Rotating Platform Turntable is usually 18,5 - 35 cm. Of course, it cannot be erected directly on soft ground, since the weight of the unloaded structure exceeds a ton. And when the car will drive on the turntable, it will increase significantly. Therefore, a foundation is needed - a monolithic reinforced concrete slab to give the structure stability and rigidity. When installing the turntable, it is extremely important to accurately align the disc horizontally in order to eliminate backlash and rolling of the car during rotation.

Before installing theturning  platform, dig a pit so that the face of the disc is flush with the entrance area or garage floor. 

If earthwork is impossible for one reason or another, installation above the floor level is also allowed (of course, provided that it can withstand the load). In this case, the turntable would just sit on the ground and is surrounded by a skirting. And we would provide another pair of ramps for you to drive the cars on it.

By the way, at exhibitions, cars are shown just like this - on a dais.

Car Show Turn Table


Manufacturing of turntables for cars according to your technical specifications


Mutrade has been developing and manufacturing Rotating Turn Table for cars  for many years. We are a frequent number one choice for many companies, we offer a diverse range of vehicle lifting and turning platforms, and we also implement special solutions for the automotive industry.

No matter what kind of vehicle you prefer, Mutrade knows how to optimize and ensure the continent parking of your transport! Contact us today to find your car rotating solution and get your design for free!


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