What Is Multilevel Automated Parking?

Sep 11th, 2021

What is multilevel automated parking? 

How are multi-level parking garages built? How does multi level parking works? How long does it take to make a parking lot Is a multi-level car parking safe? How does smart parking system work What is a tower parking system What is multistory parking ?

Puzzle Parking System, Bi-directional Automated Parking System and Multi-level Parking System: is there a difference? 

Multilevel automated parking is a parking system made of a metal structure of two or more levels with cells for storing cars, in which car parking/ car delivery is carried out in automatic mode by a specially programmed control system by vertical and horizontal movement of platforms, therefore, these systems are also called bi-directional multi-level car parking systems (BDP) or puzzle parking systems. In height BDP can reach 15 aboveground levels, and to save space and increase the number of parking spaces, they can be combined with underground automated parking systems. The car is moved inside the parking system with the car engine off (without human presence). Compared to traditional parking lots, BDP significantly saves the area allocated for parking, due to the possibility of placing more parking spaces on the same building area.

Why cities need multi-level bi-directional car parking systems?

- How to optimize parking space -

Today, the issue of parking in large cities is especially acute. The number of cars is growing steadily, and modern parking lots are sorely lacking.

Obviously, car parking is one of the most important elements of the any building‘ infrastructure. Thus, the attendance and, consequently, the profitability of a shopping centers or other commercial facilities often depend on the spaciousness and convenience of parking.

The city authorities continue to purposefully fight against illegal parking, legislation in this area is tightening, and there are fewer and fewer people willing to take risks and park in the wrong place. Therefore, the creation of new parking spaces is essential. Over the past 10 years, the number of cars in countries has increased by almost 1.5 times, or even 3 times.

So, in modern conditions, multi-level car parking is the best solution to the problem.

Mutrade advise:

 It is better to install a multi-level parking lot as close as possible to the places of cars congestion. Otherwise, vehicle owners will not use the organized parking lot and will continue to park it in former, often unauthorized places, and create car congestions and inconveniences to other visitors.

- Installation time -

How long does it take to make a parking lot?

Installation time for multi-level parking systems, such as BDP of two-, three- and four-levels, will be less than one month, assuming 6 to 10 people are involved in the installation process, including versed in the installation of the hydraulic and electrical systems people.

The calculation of the installation time directly depends on the number of parking spaces in the installed system. The more parking spaces, the longer it takes to install. Therefore, the correct distribution of labor resources plays an important role in the process of installing parking equipment. It also follows that the more people involved in the installation of the parking system, the shorter the installation time, but in most cases it is a relatively reasonable number of people.

Another point that should be taken into account - the scale of the project. For example, the installation of low-level car parking systems is easier than the installation of systems with many levels due to the complexity of work at height.

Ease of installation is ensured by professional design of our bi-directional parking systems and convenient distribution of sub-assemblies. In addition, a detailed instruction manual, drawings and video instructions are included with the equipment for easy installation.

Mutrade advice:

To improve efficiency and speed up installation time, we recommend dividing all people involved in the installation process into groups of 5-7 people to set up different areas.

Theoretically, you can calculate the approximate time required to install the system:

Based on the fact that our professional installers spend an average of 5 workers per parking space (one worker represents one person per day). So, the amount of time to install a 3-level system with 19 parking spaces is: 19x5 / n, where n is the actual number of installers working on the site.

This means that if n = 6, then it takes about 16 days to install a three-level system with 19 parking spaces.

(!) In these calculations, it is necessary to take into account the level of workers qualification, therefore, the time may increase and in fact can take up to a maximum of a month.


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