The advantages of multi-level parking

Sep 11th, 2021

In the previous article, we talked about what a multi-level parking system is, why these parking systems can help to improve the infrastructure of big cities around the world, explained the principle of work of these systems, and also gave some tips for installing puzzle-type parking systems.

Installation of multi-functional multi-level car parking systems is a win-win solution

Multilevel overground parking is the most economical and no less effective way to solve the problem of parking a large number of cars in a limited area. They can hold up to several hundred vehicles and can be installed in detached buildings or attached to the walls of buildings.

Moreover, our multi-level parking lots have many configurations. Multilevel automated parking is a complicated complex of utilities. Their design is a difficult process that requires high professionalism and our specialists are ready to demonstrate it even in the most complex projects. For the efficient operation of such systems, we equip them with modern and reliable components and various security devices.

The structure of the automated parking is located on a pre-fabricated strip foundation.

Multi-level parking system takes a minimum of time and space. Any architectural solutions can be considered during installing a parking lot.

The parking lot can be installed as a separate building, as an extension or as a separate structure. The strength and reliability of the metal structure allows it to be installed in areas prone to hurricanes and storms. Special processing and manufacturing technology of structural elements allows to increase the operational life up to 30 years.

Let's summarize the main advantages of parking systems

• Saving space. Compactness is the main advantage of a multi-level parking, it can be used in areas with a minimum surface.

• Cost savings. Despite a certain initial investment, the rent for land in the future will be low due to the small occupied area. Lack of staff also reduces costs. 

•  Safety. Our modern parking systems provide the best possible protection against theft. Moving a car without a driver, no need for maneuvering when entering a parking lot reduces the number of accidents. 

• Reduction of parking time. The operation of parking a car in an automated parking lot takes no more than one and a half minutes. It should also be noted environmental friendliness, since the cars in the parking lot move with the engine off, as well as a variety of designs, which allows you to choose a design for any exterior.

It's high time to build skyward, not in width!


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