Jan 16th, 2023

With the increasing number of private cars, the problem of parking difficulties has become a major problem plaguing the development of China's urban transportation and automobile industries. The construction of vertical parking provides a relatively good solution to this problem. So, let me introduce in detail what is vertical parking?

Here is the content list:

  • Definition of vertical parking

  • Types of vertical parking

  • The status quo of vertical parking and its problems

vertical parking

Definition of vertical parking

Vertical parking refers to a new type of parking that uses space resources to park vehicles three-dimensionally, saves land and maximizes utilization. The biggest advantage of vertical parking lies in its ability to make full use of urban space and is known as an energy saver in urban space.

Types of vertical parking

Vertical parking includes simple parking equipment, semi-automatic parking equipment and fully automatic parking equipment. Among them, simple parking equipment refers to a kind of parking equipment in which someone is parking and picking up the car on behalf of the car. It does not increase the number of parking spaces, generally twice the number of parking spaces in ordinary parking lots. And, if you want to get off the upper car, you must drive the lower car away. This kind of parking equipment is mainly used in homes and small parking lots or 4S shops. The second type is semi-automatic parking equipment, which means that you can park your car by yourself. Just press the number of the parking space where you are parking, or swipe the parking card, the system will automatically respond, moving up and down, left and right, to lower the vehicle that the owner needs to the ground where it can be driven. The last type is fully automatic parking equipment, which is a parking equipment similar to elevators. As long as the owner drives the vehicle into the parking equipment and parks the lift, it will be automatically sent to the vacant space. You only need to swipe your card to pick up the car. .

The status quo of vertical parking and its problems

Because the traditional self-propelled parking lot occupies a lot of land, it is difficult to accommodate vehicles to meet the parking needs. The more and more prominent contradictions make the vertical parking system gradually attracted attention. The widespread use of the vertical parking system has become an inevitable trend in the development of urban traffic automation, informatization and networking. There are two main problems with vertical parking in my country. First of all, there is a serious shortage of parking spaces and an imbalance between supply and demand. With the rapid development of motor vehicles, the contradiction between supply and demand will be further aggravated. Without enough parking spaces, a large number of vehicles will inevitably occupy the road and park, which will seriously affect road capacity and reduce operating efficiency, thereby restricting economic development. The second point is the low utilization rate of berths in the public vertical parking system and poor operating efficiency. Although the current parking spaces are very tight, the utilization rate of many public vertical parking systems is very low and the operating conditions are generally poor.

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