Jan 13th, 2023

As the relative shortage of parking spaces is becoming more and more serious, the use of urban space to increase parking spaces has become a solution to the problem of parking difficulties. Vertical parking is to increase parking spaces by making full use of urban space. So, what are the advantages of vertical parking?

Here is the content list:

  • Save money, land and environmental protection

  • Intelligent operation

  • Vertical parking has a bright future

Vertical parking

Save money, land and environmental protection

The biggest advantage of vertical parking is that it can make full use of urban space and is known as the "energy saver" of urban space. According to statistics, a traditional parking lot requires 1650 square meters to park 50 cars, while an open-air elevator tower vertical parking requires only 50 square meters, that is to say, one car can be parked for every 1 square meter. From the perspective of project cost, the traditional construction cost is about 7.5 million yuan, and the vertical parking construction cost is only 4 million yuan. Experts say that vertical parking is compared with traditional parking lots. Vehicles are turned off as soon as they enter the garage and are automatically stored by mechanical equipment. This reduces the detour and exhaust emissions of vehicles in the garage, and is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Intelligent operation

Vertical parking mainly uses a set of mechanical automatic lifting parking equipment, divided into several rows, up to 25 floors can be built. The driver parks the vehicle on the steel plate, the machine automatically raises the vehicle to the appropriate level, and then moves the vehicle and the steel plate to the level. The time to store a car is generally no more than two minutes. When picking up the car, the owner only needs to give the card to the staff, and the staff presses the card slot of the car on the device, and then presses start. The car will automatically drop to the ground.

In addition, when the device starts operation, there will be an infrared warning line at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. If there is a car or someone breaks in, it will sound a buzzer and the device will automatically stop operation. It should be understood that ordinary people in this kind of parking lot cannot get the car to the ground, so the anti-theft is very strong. And in vertical parking, you can also pay by swiping your card when you store your car.

Vertical parking has a bright future

According to analysis, most cities at home and abroad have already spent an inch of money. The traffic pressure is gradually changing from dynamic to static. Parking difficulty has become a public problem in urban development. At present, the number of vertical parking spaces that have been built nationwide is far lower than the demand for parking spaces and the growth of cars. Therefore, vertical parking will have broad market prospects.

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