Rotary Parking System: What Is This? How Does It Work?

Rotary Parking System: What Is This? How Does It Work?

Feb 18th, 2021

Rotary parking system - the most economical system offering up to 10 times the number of parking spaces on the smallest floor space, and a simple control system which eliminates the need for special service personnel.

An interest in automated parking system started in the 1940s, but soared in the 60s and 70s, fueled by the economic boom of that era. As one of the most space-effective automated parking system, Mutrade’s rotary parking systems (ARP) provide the greatest savings in parking space, it increase parking capacity up to 10 times compared to traditional parking.

The rotary parking systems require an area of only 32 m2 and provides parking for up to 20 vehicles, in the area of just two traditional parking spaces. 

The rotary parking system ARP can be installed in record-breaking small areas slightly larger than the system itself. 

Key features of the Rotary parking system:

· Least cover area than other automated parking systems;

· Suitable for all types of vehicles;

· Up to 10 times space saving than traditional parking;

· Quick time of car retrieval;

· Easy to operate;

· Modular and simpler installation;

· Car protection against dents, weather elements, corrosive agents and vandalism;

· Possible relocation & reinstallation;

· Easy to operate;

· Wide range of applications including public areas, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, and car showrooms, etc.;

· Long lifetime.

Rotary parking is highly suitable for small and medium-sized office buildings, shops, hospitals, hotels, apartment blocks, housing estates, simply for sites where there is of limited parking spaces. A façade or a decorative fence makes it possible to integrate a parking lot more harmoniously into an existing building.


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