Mar 30th, 2023

pfpp underground parking lift

As cities continue to grow and space becomes more limited, finding innovative solutions to create additional parking spaces becomes a challenge. One of the most effective solutions is to use a 4 post pit parking lift PFPP. This parking system is gaining popularity as an efficient way to create up to 3 independent parking spaces in a the space of 1 conventional parking space, especially in commercial and projects with limited parking spaces.

A multi-level underground parking lift is essentially a hydraulic lift system that allows cars to be parked on top of each other. The lift consists of 4 platforms that are stacked on top of each other in a technical pit. Each platform can hold a car, and the lift can move each platform independently, allowing for easy access to any car.

PFPP lift system is operated by a hydraulic system that uses cylinders and valves to lift and lower the platforms. The cylinders are connected to the platform frames, and the valves control the flow of hydraulic fluid to the cylinders. The lift is powered by an electric motor that drives a hydraulic pump, which pressurizes the fluid and powers the cylinders.

PFPP parking lift is controlled by a control panel that allows the operator to move each platform independently. The control panel also includes safety features such as emergency stop buttons, limit switches, and safety sensors. These safety features ensure that the lift system is safe to use and prevents accidents.


Project info2 units x PFPP-3 for 6 cars + turntable CTT in front of the systems
Installation conditionsIndoor installation
Vehicles per unit3
Capacity2000KG/parking space
Available car length5000mm
Available car width1850mm
Available car height1550mm
Drive modeBoth hydraulic & motorize optional
FinishingPowder coating


in the best possible way

parking lift with pit underground multilevel parking system


The parking lift with a pit PFPP has platforms that are supported by 4 posts; after the car placed on the lower platform, it goes down into the pit, which allows to additionally use the upper one to park another car. The system is easy to use and is controlled by the PLC system using an IC card or inputting a code.

The multi-level underground parking lift PFPP offers several advantages over traditional parking:

  • First, it maximizes the use of space by allowing for multiple platforms in a technical pit. 

  • Second, it eliminates the need for ramps, which can take up a lot of space in a parking garage. 

  • Third, it is convenient for users, as they can easily access their cars without having to navigate a parking garage.


pfpp DIMENSIONAL DRAWING underground parking lift with pit

However, the lift system does require a technical pit, the pit must be deep enough to accommodate the lift system and the cars on the platforms. The lift system also requires regular maintenance to ensure that it is working properly.

Rich application variability

mutrade pit parking solution independent parking lift

  • Iresidential and commercial buildings in mega cities

  • Ordinary garages

  • Garages for private houses or apartment buildings


In conclusion, the multi-level underground parking lift is an innovative solution to parking problems in urban areas. It allows for multiple platforms for independent car parking on top of each other in a technical pit, maximizing the use of space and providing convenient access to parked cars. While it does require a technical pit and regular maintenance, the benefits of this system make it an attractive option for urban planners and developers.


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