Pit solutions

As it becomes harder and harder to acquire more land spaces out there, it’s time to look back in and make retrofits to existing indoor parking lots, digging down to create more possibilities. The pit systems solve perfectly the puzzle of maximized parking spaces and uncompromised parking convenience. Every car on any level can be parked or retrieved freely and independently. And a wide variety of options in sizes are selectable to ensure their flexibility when matching the specific needs of every single project.

  • Hydro-Park 7220

    Pit car parking lift

    Access is that easy, free car door open

    With our cantilever parking system with pit, we offer the perfect parking solution for two sedans. The magic is that when it comes to convenience and easy access to your parking space, the system offers independent parking. At the same time, the absence of support posts on the sides results in a smaller occupied parking space, providing more space for additional parking spaces, super-wide platform, as well as additional comfort when getting in and out of the car.

  • PFPP-2/3

    Four-post pit parking lift

    Just like flat ground, max 3 sedans in pit

    When parking multiple vehicles in pit or installing outdoor, the self-standing structure of 4-post type comes in handy. PFPP series is a reliable and convenient parking lift in places where it is possible to organize a pit, providing up to 4 independent parking spaces in one. The obvious advantage of this model is the absence of any structures in the lowered state, allowing vehicles traversing by on top and not affect the appearance of the surrounding landscape. Multiple systems can be built in tandem or front-back arrangements, optionally controlled by automatic PLC system.

  • Starke 2127

    Two-post pit parking lift

    Most comfortable, single unit, multiple variants

    Is there any way to stack 2 vehicles vertically without removing the car on ground? One of the most comfortable solutions is going down and hide. With the help of a pit, the two horizontal platforms of Starke 2127 provide 2 parking spaces that allow free access and exit independently. Their compact and robust structural design offers more usable width yet with less pit depth. The large capacity of 2700kg can accommodate higher and larger vehicles and fit in various pit dimensions optionally. And the application of centralized hydraulic power pack makes the solution more cost-effective.

  • Starke 2227

    Two-post pit parking lift

    More comforts come in double, double unit, multiple variants

    Starke 2227 is double-unit version of Starke 2127, offering 4 independent parking spaces in two horizontal platforms. Each parking space still accommodates vehicles weighing up to 2700kg, thus total capacity 10,800kg. The elimination of posts or pillars in the center is not only saving space, but providing superior comforts and pleasure to your parking, either driving in or out. And the combination of single and double units makes them flexible and ideal in various conditions.

  • Starke 2327

    Tilting-horizontal pit parking lift

    Less headroom required, double deck

    Though it’s an outstanding idea to go in pit, there’re cases that ceiling height might cause a trouble. By tilting the platforms, Starke 2327 provides maximum space saving without much compromise in comfort. Their well-thought-out design, reliability and ease of operation are the solution for rooms with a shortage of free space. Large capacity of 2700kg is given to handle large and heavy vehicles.