Production Process Of Hydarulic Car Parking Lifts: Part 1

Sep 14th, 2020

Mutrade continues to gain momentum

Key role in the company development plan set aside technological development program aimed at continuous improvement of quality of our products.

Nowadays we pay a lot of attention towards the modernization of production, mastering the state of the art technologies and new types of products. It allows us to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources, maintain product quality at the highest level and thereby increase customer satisfaction.


The modernization of production is an important part of the existence of Mutrade

The purchase of modern high-performance equipment of high accuracy, the modernization of existing equipment allow us to more successfully  improve the quality of our products, make more efficient use of resources and significantly improve the working conditions of workers.

There are a number of important technological processes in the production of our parking equipment, the results of which give us the right to speak with confidence about the high quality of our products, these are: metal cutting, robotic welding and surface powder coating.

In this article we'll look at how the metal cutting process takes place in production of our equipment and how the choice of cutting equipment affects the quality of the product.


Start with the fact that to date, there are several types of metal cutting, the most popular of which are plasma, laser and flame cutting:

- laser ( is a heavy-duty light beam)
- plasma ( is an ionized gas)
- flame ( is a high temperature plasma jet)

Mutrade still uses plasma processing of metal in production, but laser cutting machine is widely used in our production of more and more models to improve product quality. In order to provide our customers with the most advanced technological parking solutions of the highest quality, Mutrade has updated its metal cutting machine, replacing old equipment with a new and more modern laser machine.

Why laser cutting is the best?

Both plasma and flame cutting have a direct mechanical impact on the treated surface, which leads to its deformation and clearly affects the quality of the parts obtained. Laser cutting has a thermal effect on the processed materials and has a number of advantages before plasma and flame cutting.

Next, let’s look more closely at the technological advantages of laser cutting.

1.     The laser is more accurate than the plasma.

The plasma arc is unstable: it constantly fluctuates, making corners and cutouts less clear. The laser cuts the metal clearly where it was directed and does not move. This is important for parts that require high quality and exact fit to the project.


2.     A laser can make narrower slits than a plasma.

The sharpness of the hole in plasma cutting can only be with a diameter of one and a half times the thickness of the metal. The laser makes holes with a diameter equal to the thickness of the metal - from 1 mm. This expands the possibilities in the design of parts and housings. This laser cutting advantage enhances the design of parts and housings.


3.     The likelihood of thermal deformation of the metal during laser cutting is minimal.

Plasma cutting does not have such a good indicator - the heated zone is wider and deformations are more pronounced. According to this indicator, the laser cutting again gives a better result than plasma cutting.


In the same spirit ... 

We use a wide range of equipment in the production process, from guillotine shears to laser cutting machines, however, it is the experience and qualifications of our employees that allow us to solve even the most complex tasks, therefore we are responsible for the quality of each manufactured part. 

Henry Fei 

Founder and CEO of the company


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