How To Find Car Parking Lift That Suits Your Needs

Sep 22nd, 2020

How to choose the right words when searching for a car lift on the Internet?

Each of us periodically faces a situation when you need to find something on the Internet, learn the characteristics of the product you are looking for, read reviews and feedbacks and purchase the desired product.

But, sometimes you have to waste a lot of time in order to set the correct query in the search bar that began to appear exactly the goods you need.

Parking lifts or parking systems is the exact name for equipment designed for either two-level or multi-level vehicle parking. These are lifts that are designed specifically for garage storage, neither service, nor repair, nor any other, but designed for the garage. Very often in search engines, when you enter the word "car elevator" or “car lift” there are a lot of links to various sites that offer anything, including equipment for moving the car between floors, but not for parking or not garage lifts. Indeed, the principle of operation is the same for all, and in this case, the issuance of results by a search engine for a search query is quite logical. But in order to get the required result, it is necessary to indicate as accurately as possible the name of the product you need.

If it so happens that you are planning to buy a car lift, but have never dealt with this miracle of technology before and you are at a loss with a choice, It will be easier for you to choose a car lift after you learn more about the main characteristics of this equipment:

•  Installation design

•  Construction design

•  Number of parking spaces

•  Equipment design (number of columns)

•  Equipment dimensions

•  The lifting capacity you need

•  Operating temperature at which the equipment can run smoothly

•  Availability of safety devices, etc.

Mutrade advises to learn the general information first by entering the search requests are listed below:

- car elevator;

- car lift;

- vehicle parking lift;

- parking lift;

- car parking lift;

- auto parking lift;

- hydraulic car elevator;

- hydraulic car parking lift;

- hydraulic parking lift;

- mechanical car parking;

- mechanical parking equipment;

- simple car parking lifts;

- simple car parking system;

- smart car parking lifts;

- smart parking lift.

In the results of such search queries, you can find out about the types of car lifts, their capabilities and the main obvious differences. Next, we will give some tips on what search terms will help you learn more about certain types of car lifts and parking equipment and choose the one that suits all your needs.

 Now, let's figure out what type of lift or parking system you need:

    - parking lift supported by two posts;

    - parking lift supported by four posts;

    - multi-level parking lot with many cells for storing cars;

    - parking lifting equipment with underground levels;

    - lift for moving the car between floors (scissor type or post type).

If you are looking for parking lift supported by two posts for your garage or parking lot, then it would be more correct to enter the following search queries or you can find Two Post Car Parking Lifts here:

- 2 post car parking lift;

- 2 post car stacker;

- 2 post parking lift;

- two post auto parking lift;

- two post car parking;

- two post car parking lift;

- two post parking lift;

- hydraulic 2 post car parking lift;

- duplex parking system.

 In case you need to find more information about four-post designed car parking equipment, we recommend you to enter following search queries or you can learn more about Mutrade Four Post Car Parking Lifts here:

- four post parking lift;

- four post parking system;

- 4 post car parking lift;

- four post car stacker.

 Next - the largest, but at the same time, space-saving, fully automated parking equipment with many floors and large capacity. You can find out about all the variety of such multi-level parking systems by entering the following queries in the search line or read the article on our website.

- automated car parking system;

- automatic car parking equipment;

- car parking system;

- hydraulic car parking system;

- hydraulic parking system;

- intelligent car parking system;

- intelligent parking system;

- mechanical car parking system;

- mechanical parking system;

- multilevel car parking system;

- multilevel parking system.

Another type that is gaining more and more popularity in the field of organizing a parking space is underground car parking systems, which not only perfectly fit into the landscape of the area, without causing any kind of aesthetic side, but also perfectly cope with the task of increasing the amount of parking space. More information on the following search queries or here.

- pit car parking lift;

- underground car parking;

- underground parking;

- underground parking lift;

- underground parking system.

That is, when typing a search query for a parking lift, it is necessary to accurately indicate the exact operating purpose of the lift.

But the search queries below will not lead you to the desired search result if you have already decided on the technical specifications of needed car lift:

- buy a car lift;

- car Lift price;

- car lift price;

- how much does it cost to buy car elevator?

- car service lift etc. because it is not targeted queries.

Therefore, at the beginning of your search, before you start, carefully formulate the request itself so that it accurately reflects what you are looking for - a parking lift, a garage lift ... and the like. And then add and try different variations.

If you have any questions related to the choice of a parking lift, the choice of a model with the required characteristics, Mutrade team will help you make the right choice!


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