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Oct 23rd, 2020

The rapid level of motorization causes many problems related to the lag in the development of transport  infrastructure: inconsistency of the road network, lack of necessary service structures, lack of parking in places of heavy traffic, residential areas etc. These factors have a decisive effect on the life quality in big cities.

The fast pace of residential construction leads a deteriorating urban environment and causes the changing of the concentration of the automobile fleet in parts of the cities.


Since existing garages and parking lots are most often very far from residential areas or workplaces, many car owners prefer to park their cars in the 

wrong places, which causes traffic jams, emergency situations, sometimes blocks the passage of emergency service vehicles, and at the same time they risk to be fined.

Another problem is the condition of existing parking lots. Most of them do not rationally use their area. With proper use and optimization of the parking lot, the number of parking spaces would increase by 3, or even 4 times.

The solution to the problem lies only in increasing the number of parking spaces. And without additional space, which is always in short supply in large cities, the only solution is to use modern parking lifts and car storage systems.


Hydraulic Car Stacker

In modern conditions, the use of hydraulic multi-level car stacker is the most optimal solution to the problem of lack of parking space, which ensures long-term use of the parking spaces, and it is also the most beneficial option, since it allows to maximize parking spaces, since it provides convenient stacking one vehicle above another up to 4 high. Mutrade offers two types of highly modifiable car stackers – Hydro- Park 3130 and Hydro- Park 3230.

These car stackers can be installed both indoor and outdoor (e.g. on the territory of open car parking lots). The Hydro-park 3130 installation triples the capacity of typical parking areas, and Hydro-Park 3230 allows to quadruple the capacity of a single parking space. Low cost allows you to quickly recover costs. In addition, the use of such advanced technical parking tools increases

the level of solidity of the organization in the eyes of customers, guests and even employees. 

Using High-end Stacker Parking Lift has obvious benefits that explain a lot


High economic efficiency

Simple structure and smart design of this models means less costs even with upholding the most stringent safety standards.


Low maintenance cost

The simple and compact structure of these stackers meets the requirement for safety and reliability of the parking equipment, and reduce the operation and maintenance cost.


Quick and easy installation⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Professional design and convenient distribution of assemblies ensures easy installation. In addition, a detailed operation manual and drawings are included in the complete set of equipment delivery, which also ensure easy installation and operation.


Hydraulic "powered"

The use of a hydraulic drive provides a higher operating speed. The platform moves downward due gravity that eliminates the energy consumption of the hydraulic system.

In Hydro-Park 3130 & 3230 models, when installing several pieces of equipment nearby, in order to save space and cost, the middle posts can be shared with another unit to be combined into rows of multiple units.


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Another advantage of installing Hydro-Park 3130 & 3230 is that it can be integrated into any car storage project.



Another advantage of installing Hydro-Park 3130 & 3230 is that it can be integrated into any car storage project.

Years of experience have allowed us to create truly unique offers. Design work combined with the experience of the research team will be able to realize your wishes in one technical equipment that will work for you for many years, because he average operating life of an lift is 25 years or more.


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